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Caption This: 'This Island Earth' Mutant Attacks! [Poll]

This week's caption contest features a classic of science-fiction: This Island Earth (1955).

Above Image: This Island Earth (1955) Dr. Cal Meacham (Rex Reason), Mutant (Regis Parton) Dr. Ruth Adams (Faith Domergue) 
So, here's your pic. While I know it's easy to make jokes based on the mutant's head, I ask that you keep it PG-13 for the sake of younger readers. That means no cursing, of course.

Anyway, have fun, and let us know what you think the guy, girl and\or the mutant are saying!

What caption would you give this picture?
[Image Source: doctormacro.com]

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  1. No, only I get to touch his chest!
    Although all I can really think of is MST3K's "Mutant - leaves only the fresh scent of pine."

  2. Mutant: Hey, I saw her first, buddy!

  3. Woman: "Honey, it was only that one time!"

  4. It's Hokey Pokey... Not Hopey Chokey... and spin it all around! Damn you... that is what it all about!

  5. "Who cares if he dresses better than you! Leave him alone!"

  6. It's the Hokey Pokey, not Hopey Chokey... Damn you, that is what is all about!

    [I put this up earlier and it never got posted, so I did it again]

  7. Get your hand off of my anus you cretin. This is not South Park!!!!

  8. your my wife now,dave


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