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One of the best ways to properly enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is to see each Marvel film in order. The ideal superhero marathon is to see the films in release order, even though Marvel Studios may not slow down anytime soon. Use this guide to view Marvel Phase 1 through Marvel Phase 5 in order to see the films in their original order.

Paul Reubens provided millions of people with entertainment in roles other than Pee-wee, and we’ll cover all the finest of them in our list of Paul Reubens films and TV episodes that fans can now stream online in his honor.

A Star Wars writer reveals Disney’s Darth Vader parameters and a Star Trek showrunner defends changing canon. Meanwhile a new The Marvels’ promo poster drops, Anthony Mackie answers questions about the Cap 4 title, and Star Trek: Prodigy is nominated for a TCA award.