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Caption This: Mutant and the Kid [Poll]

To mix it up this year, I'm going to alternate polls and surveys with caption challenges. This week's is simple: What are they saying?

Show us your funny!

What do you think they're saying?

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  1. Second breakfast!
    Although the image speaks for itself.

  2. Rawr! I'm one of the comically evil mutants from Lord of the Rings!

  3. Great one Jay. Makes you wonder about his Dad.

  4. 'Honestly. I didn't sh*t on your face!!!!!!!'

    Sorry, Mo. Couldn't help myself. How often do you have these captions pal?

  5. Jay, we've had them off and on for years. Since this is popular I'll try and do one every other week buddy.

  6. It is their reaction to 48 frames a second (HFR)

  7. looks like meats back on the menu, boys


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