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Who's Your Favorite Alien? [Poll]

Who is your favorite alien? Two weeks ago we hosted the "My Favorite Martian" Blog Hop and I tracked the favorite aliens of the bloggers.

Above Image: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Drew Barrymore and E.T.

Then, I put them together into one poll. Let us know your favorite aliens and, next week, I'll list all the aliens by order of votes. Who will the number one alien be?

If you have a favorite on the list why not get your friends to vote too?

Come back to the blog next week Monday for the top aliens of all time.
Who's your favorite alien?

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  1. Maybe it's a little narcissistic voting for The Doctor when I am in fact the 15th regeneration (spoilers I know...) but what the heck.

  2. we have aliens on-board!

  3. I vote for Gary Busey, he's alien, right?


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