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Caption This: Spock and the Unicorn Dog [Contest]

While the original Star Trek: The Original Series series had a lot of things going for it (a great cast, engaging characters, thought-provoking science-fiction, resonant themes), I don't think anyone would list "big budget" among them. Nowhere was it more evident than in "The Enemy Within," when an alien creature was depicted by a little dog in a fur coat and a horn. That's why this classic image is this week's "Caption This" contest. Respond in the comments. The best caption will be chosen next week and turned into a handy image suitable for giggling.

What caption would you give this picture? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Captain, logic suggests we increase our special effects budget.

  2. Can it be? That you are the only unicorn left in the quadrant? The Last?

  3. zoinks... this was the first idea for shaggy and scooby doo?

  4. "Sorry Captain But I'm More Of Space Basset Kind Of Guy"


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