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Smartphone Makes Model TARDIS Bigger on the Inside [Stuff]

Lots of people have built a model of Doctor Who's trusty space-time transport, the TARDIS. Some have been really good. Some make sounds and light up. But this one by tech writer Greg Kumparak, I think, blows them all away. He built a really cool model of the TARDIS, added a light and sounds, and decided that wasn't enough. What he wanted was to open it up and see inside. And of course, we all know that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. That's why he created an augmented reality app that shows the inside of his model TARDIS through his smartphone in amazing 3-D rendering. And yes, it is bigger on the inside. Check it out (the augmented reality starts at the one-minute mark:

Greg gives a full description of the project on his blog. Now what's really amazing about this is that Kumparak says he started this project around Thanksgiving and finished it around Christmas. So in about a month, he created his own scale model of the TARDIS, taught himself the CGI rendering program Blender and the 3-D game engine Unity, and created this little gem. If this had been made by a team of programmers and engineers, I'd be impressed. If it took him months to create, I'd be impressed. To create it in a month from scratch makes me jealous. I couldn't make this if you gave me a year.

There are already calls for Kumparak to release the Android app onto the Google Play store, make a version for iPhones, and create a paper version that you can download so we can all share in the fun. And yes, I want one.

What do you think of the augmented reality TARDIS?

[Image Source: Kumparak]

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  1. In just one month? All right, I am beyond impressed. He had some time to dedicate to that project.

  2. The only thing cooler I can think of would be if it contained a small tablet display
    inside the little Tardis that just used the gyros and compass of the
    tablet to show you the look of the inside.


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