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5 Awesome TARDIS Gadgets You Can Own [Stuff]

If you're a fan of Doctor Who and want to collect some cool merchandise, the show is ready and willing to accommodate you. There are literally hundreds of gadgets and toys based on props from the show. The TARDIS is a great example. Here are five items from Amazon that can bring the TARDIS into your home and life.

Doctor Who: Flight Control Tardis Motion Activated Model - This is, I think, the ultimate TARDIS toy. It's a model TARDIS that makes noises based on how you move it. If you pick it up, it plays the dematerialize sound. Put it down, makes the re-materialize noise. Shake it, spin it, it makes more sounds. Also lights up. And you can open the doors and see a contoured image of the TARDIS' interior.

Doctor Who Timelord Spinning TARDIS - This toy will get attention from people, even if they have no idea who Doctor Who is. It features a TARDIS suspended in a magnetic field, so it floats in mid-air. With the right twist, you can even get it to spin. Definitely a conversation piece.

Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar Lights and Sounds - When you're craving sweets and feel like some Doctor Who fun, this jar fits the bill. It plays the TARDIS materialization sounds when you open it, and also lights up. Satisfy your sweet tooth and your love of the Doctor at the same time.

Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub - So you've got a lot of USB devices to connect and also like Doctor Who? You can solve both problems with this USB hub. It's a 4-slot USB hub shaped like the TARDIS. Pretty self-explanatory, but useful.

Dr. Who Moon Landing TARDIS T-shirt - Thanks to Doctor Who, we know the truth about the Moon landing, and you can share it with others. Get this T-shirt showing the Moon landing with the TARDIS in the background, and you'll spread the word, and look good doing it.

Any of these TARDIS gear you'd like to own? Any other cool TARDIS gadgets that you know of? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I think the Tardis refrigerator is still the coolest. Literally!

  2. I never heard about that TARDIS fridge until now. Pretty awesome! We'll feature it in a future post.

  3. I have a couple of Tardis things, but now I want the cookie jar!! How cool is that?!

    I once saw...and I know it was handmade but it was so awesome...a TARDIS hideaway bed. Open the TARDIS door and a bed comes out. I'm sooo making one someday!

    Great post...now I know what to ask Santa for this year (provided he thinks I've been good).


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