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How She Built a Homemade TARDIS [Video]

A German schoolteacher who calls herself sillysparrowness built a full-sized TARDIS model. Not only is it a dead ringer, but she even made it collapsible and transportable, so she can disassemble and reassemble it in other parts of the house within minutes. But besides the actual project, the best part about the video isn't just the fact that she's building a TARDIS, but the self-deprecating humor, the multiple characters she plays herself, and the overall endearingly nerdy style. [WARNING: Contains profanity...I think. Kind of hard to tell with the accent, but I'm pretty sure the F-bomb is dropped a couple times. Might be some German profanity, too, but I don't speak German.]

Some other random thoughts.
  • It seems like she learned English from the UK, because her accent alternates between a British and a German accent. Which is kinda cute.
  • She actually built a police box, not a TARDIS. I mean, I know it's kind of interchangeable, but it kind of isn't.
  • The number of views on this video (at the time of this writing, 141,000) seems ridiculously low, considering the awesomeness of it all.
  • There's a whole website dedicated to building a TARDIS? Sweet.
  • She makes a lot of jokes about how bad of a builder she is, but I couldn't even conceive of doing this, much less actually pull it off.
  • Regarding her little quiz, my answer is "yes."
Are you impressed by how she built her own TARDIS?
[Via YouTube via The Mary Sue]

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