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TARDIS in a Bottle [Image]

Check out this TARDIS in a Bottle! It was created by hpotterwizard (a.k.a. Andrew Lawton) and posted at Craftster.org. Here's what the creator had to say:

I went into this project looking for a challenge and with the goal of ending up with a product that would look great sitting on my desk. I was inspired by this shirt design. It came down to a choice between an Enterprise, a Serenity, or a TARDIS in a bottle. I decided to go with the TARDIS because I had no experience with a lot of the skills involved in this and it is structurally simpler. After I found a suitable bottle and took it's measurements I went to work in Google SketchUp. From there I cut out the wood, painted it, and assembled what I could outside of the bottle. Those pieces were then put together inside and voilĂ .

Wood Glue
Glass Bottle

And lots and lots of patience.

The mouth of the bottle was only an inch in diameter so the larger parts, like the base, had to be cut into pieces and assembled inside.

What do you think of the TARDIS in a Bottle?

[Via Craftster via Craftzine]

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  1. Alex J. CavanaughJune 1, 2012 at 11:07 AM

    The level of patience involved! Hope he tries the Serenity next.


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