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The Problem With Broke Back Catwoman #0 [Comics]

UPDATE: Edited for formatting and to change "brokeback" to "broke back."
Recently, there's been an outcry over the cover for Catwoman #0. Drawn by Guillem March, it's a classic example of the "broke back," an anatomically incorrect pose often used in comics to show the boobs and butt at the same time.

When we ran an article on the ten worst brokeback poses, some people questioned whether they were anatomically inaccurate. Fortunately, there are plenty of real artists who are all too happy to illustrate the point. 

Here's some artwork featured at Comics Alliance

First, a side-by-side comparison by Kate Beaton that shows the original cover and a side view.

Cameron Stewart, an artist who once drew Catwoman, also created this artwork with a little more detail on what the side view would be like.


Giaaeron used computer modeling to show what she would actually look like from this perspective without a broken back with these comments on the original: "The pose, specifically the relationship of butt to bosom. The right arm placement, which is impossible without dislocating her shoulder. Her head placement can’t be duplicated. If you look at Figure 3, you’l notice that the curve of her back is already incredibly pronounced, even in this truncated pose."

Do these illustrations explain the problem with the brokeback pose? What do you think of the new Catwoman cover?
[Image Source: Comics Alliance]

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  1. Tony Laplume, Sith ArchitectJune 23, 2012 at 6:42 PM

    I'm thinking that artists will think twice about doing the brokeback, after this one got so much attention.

  2. I'm amazed that these covers are still being made- it's just so ridiculous.

  3. I'm hoping these will go away. Soon.

  4. You'd think so, but they keep on coming

  5. these camera shots made with poser are complete rubbish. they are at different camera angles and are only used to add fuel to the fire of someone who dislikes the new Catwoman comic. I personally like the new comic and am a fan of the sexualized cat woman. How about if someone wants to use a 3d rendering program to show how cat woman would look, that use the opacity on the program and render the drawing of cat woman over it and then we will have a true comparison. If one looks at the angle of the arm and the placement of the knee on the 3d image one would notice that it is very much lower than the cover art. also the camera that took the picture is at a completely different angle in the 3d photo than in the cover art. if one wants to bash and flame on the cover art, and heaven only knows why art is art and for some reason Jackson Pollack is still famous for dripping paint on a canvas, then at least take the extra effort and line up your shots.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. You losers can't draw & your argument is pathetic.


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