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If All the Avengers Showed Butts in the Movie Poster [Image]

Ah, Internet. I love you. Once upon a time, a comic book company or a movie studio would do something blatantly sexist, and women would just roll their eyes or grit their teeth or write angry letters that would be ignored. But the new trend of someone re-drawing men in sexist poses is so much more effective. And funnier.
Case in point, the portrayal of Black Widow's butt on the Avengers movie poster led a young scamp named Kevin Bolk to re-draw all the Avengers showing their butts.
Here's the original poster:
And here's the parody:

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What do you think of the posters? Overreaction or just desserts?

[Tumblr via Splash Page]



  1. Parody is funny, but I'd still rather see just Black Widow's butt. Is that wrong?

  2. I think it's brilliant. lol Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like both versions. They are really well drawn. But super hero bodies sure look nice. I can stare at their butts all day long.

  4. I'm not sure about the poster but why did they show part of Bruce Banners butt in the movie and not Black Widow's? Hell, the Hulk went through the whole show half naked. I would think that is rather sexist.

  5.  See, I'd rather see the men's butts. Showing women in this position is a tired old chliché, and more than problematic.

  6. Agreed, totally cliche.

  7. That's a good point


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