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Superheroines and their Alter Egos, Illustrated [Images]

Artist Danny Haas has created some very cool prints of superheroines and their alter egos. Not only are they art deco and stylish, but they also capture how iconic some female heroes are in the comics. While male superheroes like Batman and Superman are easily recognized, these ladies have their own look as well, both in costume and their personal life. Only complaint is that I wish he hadn't gone so overboard with the distressed look. Check out the pics below...

Can you identify all the heroines and their alter egos?
[Via Artofdanny via Herochan]


  1. Wow, those are really, really cool. 

  2. I see Wonder Woman, phoenix, spider woman, catwoman, batgirl, and maybe wonder girl?

  3. Well done. I believe the last one is Supergirl, though. But I wonder if the Batgirl pic could also be Oracle.


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