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Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of 'Star Wars' Merchanding Seven Years Ago

Back in 2005 The Daily Show with John Stewart ran a piece about Hasbro's merchandising tie-ins for Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. It was called "Sith Happens"
Hasbro toys rolls out a new line of toys to celebrate the opening of the final Star Wars movie.
Everyone laughs about the talking Yoda doll and "Darth Tater," but no one wants to do anything about it.

It was funny then, but jump seven years and we have Darth Maul selling iced tea.  Lucas has no shame.

The saddest part is I'm tempted to buy that talking Yoda doll on eBay for $35. I draw the line at Mr. Potatohead though.

What do you think of Star Wars merchandising? Do you watch John Stewart?

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  1. I still think the band Kiss outmarkets Star Wars. (Unless there's a Darth Maul coffin I don't know about...)

  2. Alex, you're probably right. But, by the time I write this, the Darth Maul coffin will be rolling out of LucasFilm.

  3. Sith happens but Star Trek rules. I'm still rooting for Spock bear, lol.

  4. I want a Darth Tater. lol That cracked me up. Hey I saw a Justin Bieber toothbrush in Target. It plays songs while you brush your teeth. I had to buy it for my sister, because it was so stupid. I knew she'd appreciate that.

  5. M Pax, a Justin Bieber toothbrush? Good grief. Is there worse marketing than that?

  6. At the end of the day, it's all about the marketing baby! You may have the best product to boot, but without any or with poor marketing efforts, that is sure to go the dwindled road. Talk about a Justin Bieber toothbrush for one. We at the fishers indiana dentist clinic sure don't buy it, but it's cool!


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