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Five Amazing 'Star Trek: The Original Series' Commodores [Guest]

Today we have a guest post from one of the most die-hard Star Trek fans I know: Spacer Guy.

His blog always has some great insights and trivia. It's so good, it won a 2012 Ex Astris Scientia Star Trek award for it's phenomenal Star Trek coverage.

So, without any more delay we turn the blog over to Spacer Guy!

Spacer Guy, make it so!

1. Commodore Bob Wesley
Watching Daystom's Ultimate Computer having a meltdown and feeling regret for its actions is classic Star Trek. You gotta love these talking machine episodes with Kirk vs the computer again in Star Trek The Original Series. On stardate 4729 Commodore Bob Wesley oversees the installation of Richard Daystrom's M-5 multitronic unit aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Captain Kirk is none too pleased about a computer (M-5) removing him from calling the shots. Excited by the potential of the M-5 multronic unit, Commodore Wesley orders wargame trials with the M-5 in full control of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 against Kirk's better judgement. It's too bad M-5 goes bonkers snuffing out 53 souls on the USS Potemkin, I guess you say M5 is tempermental but that wouldn't be quite logical now would it?

2. Commodore Matt Decker
 The Doomsday Machine is another great trek episode to WATCH. Commodore Matt Decker is in command of the USS Constellation NCC-1017 when he encounters the deadly Doomsday Machine which has feasted on several planets in System L374. The hungry planet killer latest snacking spins  Commodore Decker out of control over the loss of 400 of his crew. Refusing Enterprise medical treatment Decker seeks reckless vengeance. The planet killer's  appetite for humans and starships will appeal to your dark sci-fi side desires, heh.

3. Commodore Jose Mendez
The Menagerie is a great two parter. Commodore Jose Mendez presides over court martial proceedings for mutiny and violation of General Order 7. First Officer Spock has been very naughty indeed by taking Captain Christopher Pike and the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 to the ONLY forbidden planet in the entire Galaxy, Talos IV and breaking General Order 7 just by going there. Apparently this is a very serious crime, the only offense in Starfleet punishable by death!

4. Commodore Stone
Commodore Stone is Commander in Chief of Starbase 11.  Hes also the President of the court in the first General Court Martial of a Starfleet Captain in the history of the service.  So I guess you could say Captain Kirk finds himself in a spot of trouble when he returns with a heavily damaged USS Enterprise NCC 1701 and Records Officer Ben Finney is MIA presumed dead. But whats going on here? Curiously Kirks version of events differs with the main computer!

5. Commodore Barstow
Commodore Barstow reacts to the intense threat posed by a mysterious 'rip' in space. He sends a Red Two message from Starfleet Command, Code Factor One, to Captain Kirk warning of an immediate threat of invasion. All Starfleet vessels and personnel are withdrawn from the quadrant except for the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 which is used as bait. Its funny how Captain Kirk's starship is always the one called upon to save the galaxy

Thanks Spacer Guy! Frankly, if you asked me I couldn't name two much less five! After reading the list I couldn't agree more.

Make sure you visit http://startrekspace.blogspot.com/ for more Star Trek goodness!

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Do you know any of the episodes he listed? Who was your favorite Commodore? 


  1. I remember all of those! They had great names as well. Great to have SpacerGuy here today!

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  3. Thanks Maurice and Nigel for letting me hangout at GeekTwins. 

    I chose these commodores, Alex because the action adventure is second to none. One guy goes out with a terrific bang and another pulls a vanishing trick. Part of the fun is guessing who did what.

    Why even Star Treks creator, Gene Roddenberry used one of these commodore names as a pseudonym in his early writing days but which one is it?

  4. You're welcome Spacey. One out of five. I like those odds. I say Decker since he used the name again in the motion picture.

  5. Remember the geek in Star Trek TNG who liked telling the adults what to do? His name was Wesley. Roddenberry used Robert Wesley as a pen name during his early tv script days.

  6. What have people got against Commodore Stocker? Apart from the obvious?


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