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Slightly Peeved Shatner Arm-Wrestles Steven Colbert [Video]

In this clip, William Shatner promote his new one-man Broadway show "Shatner's World" and ends up arm-wrestling a surprised Colbert.

On the U.S. comedy show "The Colbert Report" Colbert lavishes praise on Shatner calling him "beautiful" for his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek. For some reason, Bill's was a little peeved and the results are hilarious, culminating in Shatner saying he's a "weakling." Colbert compares him to a "shriveled vanilla bean." When you have two funny guys verbally sparring, the fun begins.

Hat tip to M. Pax for the video tip!

Have you ever seen Captain Kirk look more peeved? Who do you think wins the wrestling match?
[Image Source: colbertnation.com]


  1. "Pleasure to meet you" "Wish I could say the same"
    They had fun with it!

  2. I have always admired the work of Shatner, as well as his longevity in TV and film. The dude is the Energizer Bunny personified.

    Back in the day, Shatner could have broke Cobert's arm, had Bones examine it with a Tricorder reading, and subsequently had Scotty beam him to MSNBC never to be heard from again. lol

  3. Alex, it was all in good spirit, but there was definitely tension.


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