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Geek Bits: Close Encounters, Real Steel, Journey 2, Walking Dead, Star Wars, Star Trek and More [Links]

Here are this week's stories you might have missed in the blogosphere.

What order should a newbie watch the Star Wars series in? What rating did one reviewer give "The Rock's" Journey 2? Would you have bought a Star Wars basketball? Are you looking to buy a superhero costume for your pet? What rare comics did two brothers unexpectedly inherit? Who's bummed out by the recent Star Trek 2 leaks? Where in the world is Alex J Cavanaugh? What famous superhero sold corn flakes? How many good-looking Korean actors are in Real Steel?

1. Trivia Question

In the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which actor turned down the starring role of Roy Neary because he couldn't cry on clue?
(Answer at the end of the post)

2. Motivational Geek Quote
"Never give up! Never surrender!" - Jason Nesmith Galaxy Quest (1999)
Never give up on your dreams and never give in to your fears.
3. Links

4. Trivia Answer
Steve McQueen liked the script, but turned down the role because he couldn't cry on demand and a key scene required it. Ironically enough, the scene where his wife discovers him crying, fully clothed, under a running hot shower was cut from the theatrical release of the film. It's restored in the "Director's Cut" of the film.

McQueen was Spielberg's first choice and the role was turned down by many actors like Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, and Gene Hackman. Spielberg would later say "Dreyfuss talked me into casting him." The actor's strategy involved walking by the director's office and whispering things like "Al Pacino has no sense of humor" or "Jack Nicholson is too crazy."

What do you think of this week's news?


  1. I remember Steve McQueen was a possibility!
    I think a Death Star basketball would be cool.
    Movie: The Movie was hysterical. Not sure about Kate in bed with a wookie though.
    Thanks for the mention! One more week of Ninja stalking...

  2. Alex, it would have completely changed the film if tough-guy McQueen had played him. I'm glad it went to Dreyfuss. Wookies need love too!

  3. Steve couldn't cry on cue? Who knew? They should make death star chandeliers. Wouldn't those be coo?

  4. Mary, that would be awesome. Death star chandeliers would be epic!


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