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If the Trailer for 'Iron Man 2' Was Honest [Movies]

As we all get ready to see Iron Man 3, Screenjunkies has been kind enough to make an honest trailer for Iron Man 2. I thought it made a nice companion to my article, 12 Things That Didn't Make Sense in Iron Man 2. They even make some of the same points. I mean, what was the point of Black Widow besides bewbs? And how did Whiplash survive getting hit by that car? And could anyone really have figured out the theme park was a new element? And really, the part where...anyway, watch on...

WARNING: This trailer may change the way you see the movie...forever.

[Via YouTube]

What did you think of the video? Did you agree with any of it? Any other things the trailer should be honest about? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I still really liked it! But it was just holding us over until The Avengers.
    Seeing it tomorrow. Had a concert to go to - Rush!! I've seen them over two dozen times now in concert. And age is beginning to show, as I need to go crash now...

  2. I liked Iron Man 2 more than the first one, which throws away the entire first act for the generic Marvel second act (seriously, they're the same conclusion to every one of the movies, which people had a much bigger problem with when it was Captain Picard doing it James Bond style at the end of all HIS movies). I then watched the Harry Potter trailer. It was the same "we're so clever" edit. Then I watched the Avengers trailer. That one they absolutely got right.

  3. Ha! This trailer is a blast, Mo. I loved it. I thought it was really on the money,


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