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An Honest Trailer for "Phantom Menace 3D" [Video]

So a new trailer came out for The Phantom Menace 3D that portrays it as what some would call "kid-friendly," but would better be described as "annoying."

I think we could use a little honesty...

What did you think of the trailers?
[Via Youtube]


  1. Agreed - annoying. Sounds like one of those bad kid's TV shows, like the animal shows.

  2. Reminded me of one of those commercials for chips or soda where the ad writer clearly thinks being hip and cool somehow equals a smarmy and annoying voice. I was just waiting for the narrator to say, "Are we having fun yet?"

    "Late for the celebration, Qui-gon?"! At that point in the movie, Qui-gon has no trouble making the celebration, because they're carrying him there in a pine box! Oh, the rant that I resisted writing the first time I saw that trailer...


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