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If the 'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Was Honest [Video]

The latest in the "honest trailer" series by Screenjunkies takes on The Dark Knight Rises). I'm a big fan of the movie, but I have to admit there are some plot holes. This trailer tackles some big ones. (Warning: Contains spoilers for the movie, as well as questions that will change the way you see the movie...forever.)

What did you think of the trailer? Seriously, how'd Batman get the bat-symbol on that bridge, anyway? Let us know in the comments.

[Via EW.com via YouTube]

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  1. Funny! I still enjoyed it and place the film in my top ten of the year. Yes, total Nolan fanboy.

  2. Made me LOL but i don't mind some plot holes. It was a still a great movie and the whole point is for the audience to suspend belief in order to be entertained. Very entertaining trailer, though. :D

  3. the fire was there before he left to fight bane the first time... it was his coming out, i mean coming back thingy... he planed it before, so when he fought bane and thinking he was going to win... wanted to let gotham know... i am back. sadly he ended up with a broken back. i enjoyed it, the film was interesting... with holes... there are always going to be holes...

    i want to point out, it was about bruce wayne coming to terms of being bruce wayne... not being the dark knight.


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