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Spider-Ham vs. Iron Duck [Images]

See Spider-Ham beating Howard the Duck in a fire hydrant.

Deviant Art user Kidchuckle created this aewesome fan art drawing of the Spectacular Spider-Ham fighting Howard the Duck. I used to love reading Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham. I didn't know anyone still remembered him.

"my 2 most favorite parody characters from Marvel. Howard the Duck- dressed up as iron man from issue #30. and Spectacular Spider ham" - Kid Chuckle

In case you've never seen them (and I'm guessing that's 99% of you) here are some samples.

That's what I love about fan art. They can make the goofiest stuff cool.

What do you think of the image?
[Image Source: DeviantArt]

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  1. That is funny! Never seen either of those comics.

  2. I remember Peter Porker and although I was young I still thought along the lines of WTF? Bizarre.

  3. I do remember Spider-Ham. You have to wonder if someone didn't have a little "battle with Doctor Bong" of their own when they came up with the idea of a spider pig.

  4. Congrats to Nigel on his new book :) Oh, i like both of those. They look fun.

  5. LOL Doctor Bong sounds like a friend of the writers Prussell

  6. It was so weird and goofy I loved it.

  7. Spider-Ham popped up in some of my early comics experiences. Obviously the inspiration for the more famous Spider-Pig, who does whatever a spider pig does.


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