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The Avengers in their Worst Costumes [Image]

Marvel's Avengers is still going strong, and the movie's costumes are likely to become icons of film. Comic Alliance sent up the original by having artist Chris Haley and colorist Daniel Butler depict the Avengers wearing their goofiest outfits. Click the image to enlarge:

For the record, the costumes are based on the following:
What do you think of the poster? Any other costumes you'd like to see them wear?
[Image Source: Comic Alliance ]

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  1. Absolute gold guys! I cannot thank you enough for the laugh.

  2. jeremy [retro-zombie]June 5, 2012 at 3:53 AM

    I am laughing on the inside... i think maybe the tv captain america, where he is riding a motorcycle and wearing a helmet suit.

  3. That gold costume is something else. I prefer the movie costume. :)

  4. That definitely would have been worse

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  6. At least Fury isn't in his 60's spandex!


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