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Watch James Bond vs. James Bond vs. James Bond [Video]

Sean Connery. Roger Moore. Timothy Dalton. Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig. With the release of the latest Bond movie Skyfall, we tend to look back on all the James Bonds, and there's always the debate over who was the best Bond. While Sean Connery typically takes that crown, one question that hasn't been asked is, who was the best fighter? If you pitted all the James Bonds against each other in deathmatch, who would win? Through the magic of editing by moviemaestroten, this question has been answered. Let's get ready to rumble!

[Via Cheezburger]

What did you think of the fight? Who do you think was the winner?
[Image Source: YouTube]

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  1. Not a chance Dalton wins!
    The dogfight was best.

  2. I think Lazenby wins. He'd just wait around because no one would realize he's supposed to be there and then he could take out the winner before anyone figures it out.

  3. Connery wins! He's the best Bond, Lazenby matters not because well, he's not really a Bond IMO. Hated his flick. Don't get me started on Dalton, either. He was a horrible Bond, too.

  4. Bravo on the editing! Great clip show!

  5. Craig would win any real fight. But these clips demonstrate how few Bond flicks I've seen. Mostly Brosnan and Craig.


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