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Movie Conspiracy Theory: James Bond is a Time Lord [Infographic]

There are some hilarious and often mind-blowing conspiracy theories about popular movies and television floating around the Internet. We've decided to compile some of them into handy infographics. Here's the latest in our movie conspiracy theories, this one about James Bond:

What do you think of the fan theory?
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  1. If he's Dr. Who, he's one of the best looking of the lot!
    And Nigel, thanks for commenting on my blog last week - appreciate it! I should have several movie reviews up on Wednesday.

  2. I think he's part of some secret breeding program of the British government and after one dies they just unthaw another one to take its place.

  3. That's a bad theory, Pat. I like that one, too

  4. No problem, Alex, sorry I don't more often


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