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Batman vs. Wolverine: You'll Finally See Who Wins [Video]

Batman versus Wolverine, a debate that has raged among the geek community for decades. Wolverine (nearly indestructable with razor-sharp claws, healing factor, and unbreakable skeleton) versus Batman (tactical genius with epic martial arts training and unlimited technology), who would win? It's been debated endlessly, but the webseries Super Power Beatdown decided to bring it to life, and answer the question, once and for all. Check out this awesome video that shows the results.

**SPOILER ALERT** If you haven't seen the video, go no further. If you have, read on for my thoughts on the results...

Personally, I disagree. It's canon that Batman had files with detailed instructions of how to kill everyone in the Justice League. If Batman can defeat Superman, Wolverine seems a piece of cake. But my disappointment at Batman's loss is slightly tempered by the sexy pillow fight in the end.

What do you think? Should Wolverine have won? Or should Batman have won?

[Image Source: YouTube]
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  1. You kill the Wolverine by not buying his comic books. lol

  2. How do you kill Wolverine? I mean the Hulk tore him in half and he still didn't die.

  3. Wolverine can heal at an accelerated rate and his bones have iron rods in them. Yeah, I buy that he wins.

  4. But the battle was about who would win a fight, not who was tougher. Batman would never kill, anyway. In this battle, Batman didn't know about Wolverine's healing factor, so Batman was caught by surprise. Batman could've beaten Wolverine by tying his hands behind his back once Wolverine was knocked out.

  5. I'm actually going to write this up as a full article, but off the top of my head - drown him, suffocate him, cut his head off and leave it off, dissolve him in acid, starve him, rip off his adamantium skeleton like Magneto, drain his powers like the Leech, use a psychic to make his brain shut down...

  6. Batman has no chance against any a-list superherom zero chance, its writing by biased writers that gives him any chance. Wolverine would smash batman. You cant block wolverines claws its dumb. And he damn sure has no chance against superman, at all. Fucking retarded. Kh so batman has krypotnite , superman drops a train on him from 2 miles up. or 10 tons of explosives. It doesnt matter. And I hate superman, love batman. But any chance he has against a superhero, which he is not, is clearly writer error.

  7. It woukd have never gotten to the point. And wolverine has super strength. Its dumb, he takes punches from guys that would put their hands through batman. Fucking retarded


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