Every week for the next few months, we'll be creating the ultimate starship crew from the greatest sci-fi characters of movie and TV. When the Dream Team is ready to fly, we'll be bringing you an original adventure story to bring the Starship "Dream Team" to life. You can help create the Dream Team by voting in the sidebar.

Here are the results of the last poll. With an overwhelming thirty-seven percent of the votes, the winner for our science officer of the spaceship "Dream Team" is Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek is really loading up the ship, probably because the roles were more defined on that show. It'll be interesting to see Data interacting with old favorites, Bones and Spock. You can check out the detailed results of the poll here.

For those following at home here's the crew so far:
    * Captain: Han Solo from Star Wars
    * First Officer: Spock from Star Trek
    * Engineer: Kaylee from Firefly
    * Pilot: "Rommie" from Andromeda
    * Doctor: "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek

There's only a few remaining slots in the Dream Team left to fill:
    * Communications Officer
    * Weapons Officer
    * Starship

Next, we'll find ourselves the weapons officer. Who will be manning the guns of the Dream Team? Choose wisely in the sidebar.

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The new sci-fi movie Limitless is out, about a new drug that allows a writer to access his entire brain, turning him into a super-intelligent business tycoon. Personally, I thought it was a little too familiar, sort of a Flowers for Algernon tale with the twist of making the hero unpleasant. However, what I found more interesting is that the entire movie is based on one of the most popular and unscientific myths out there: that we only use ten percent of our brains. That's one hundred percent wrong.


Darth Vader gets down to M.C. Hammer's 80's rap hit "U Can't Touch This" at Disney's "Star Wars Weekend."

Who knew Darth Vader was so mobile? Guess they installed dancing shoes when they put on his new legs.


What song would you like to see Darth Vader dance to? Who else would you think is a good dancer?
SPOILER ALERT! - This is a reference to the film Soylent Green.

How good would you taste?


Every week for the next few months, we'll be creating the ultimate starship crew from the greatest sci-fi characters of movie and TV. You can help create the Spaceship Dream Team by voting in the sidebar.

First, we'd like to apologize for dropping the ball last week. Blame sun spots. But here are the results of the last poll. Thirty-one votes later, the winner of our medical officer's spaceship "Dream Team" is Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy!

This one was an interesting poll because another Star Trek alumni has made it onto the ship. He's going to fight with Mr. Spock of course, but he's the best medical officer in the galaxy. For the record, we're talking about DeForest Kelley (Star Trek: The Original Series). Not Karl Urban (Star Trek XI).

I was kind of hoping Dr. Zoidberg would make it onto the ship for the laughs and he came a close second.

You can check out the results of the poll here.

For those following at home here's the crew so far:
  • Captain Han Solo from Star Wars
  • First Officer Spock from Star Trek
  • Engineer Kaylee  from Firefly
  • Pilot "Rommie" from Andromeda
  • Doctor McCoy from Star Trek
Next, we'll find ourselves the science officer.

Will Dr. McCoy keep our crew healthy and strong?
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The cancellation of The Cape was disappointing, but not surprising. There have been some truly great shows cut off in their prime. Call them one-season wonders. Here are the top ten sci-fi shows that remain great, even though they didn't last long.
10. The Time Tunnel (1966) - When two scientists get lost in the show's namesake, they are forced to travel through history at random to find their way home. The series took viewers to a wide variety of places and times, thanks to its use of stock footage from the film library of 20th Century Fox. The show was actually very popular, but ended up canceled after one season because of bone-headed scheduling decisions by the network. Though the writing wasn't always scientifically accurate, the format influenced many sci-fi shows that followed like Voyagers, Sliders, Stargate SG-1, and Quantum Leap.


The news that NBC will not air the final episode of my favorite show The Cape (it's going online only) has reminded me of the dilemma of being a fan of sci-fi television in the US. It's not easy. Whereas the UK will air a sci-fi TV show with a beginning, middle, and an end (like the BBC mini-series Jekyll), most scifi TV shows in the US are created with an open-ended storyline. Every geek has had the experience: you fall in love with a great, thought-provoking, well-crafted science-fiction series with a story that keeps you running back every week to see it unfold. Then just when it's getting good, the show is unceremoniously canceled after one or two seasons or even less. Now I feel a little wary whenever I see a new sci-fi show, like a guy on a first date after a series of bad break-ups. I want to put my heart into it, but part of me is holding back so I don't get hurt again. I find myself examining the show, not just for what it is, but whether it seems like it will stay on the air. I admit, I haven't been able to get into V for that reason. What I've seen is good, but I didn't think it was a strong enough show to survive. Of course, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy - if we don't watch the show because we think it will get canceled, then the show gets poor ratings and gets canceled.

Am I the only one? Do you feel reluctant to get into a new sci-fi show for fear of it getting canceled? Let us know in the comments.


George Lucas has announced that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace will be released in theaters in 3-D on February 10, 2012.

He's also planning to convert the six Star Wars films into 3-D and this has launched a firestorm of criticism and praise. To help unite the two sides we now present the top 25 scenes that will be made better or worse by 3-D. You decide.

1.The Star Wars logo receding into the background (Better).

That, and the musical sting (ba-bummmmm), always makes my heart jump. In 3-D, I'd go into cardiac arrest with excitement.

2. The Opening Text Crawl (Worse).

It's hard enough reading the miles of text about space trade taxation without trying to have your eyes adjust to the depth perception.

Check out the rest of the list after the jump...


He's fought Klingons, lizards and living rocks, but one of Kirk's greatest battles is with the word "sabotage."

In this famous outtake, the Canadian actor argues with the director about how to say the word.

Topless Robot and others have said J.J. Abrams use of the "Beastie Boys" song "Sabotage" in Star Trek was an in-joke based on this clip.

Did Kirk win this battle? Is there a word you always pronounce differently than other people?


Your choice for the engineer of the Spaceship "Dream Team" is Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye from Firefly! This is another cracking good choice guys. I was wondering if we'd get any "Browncoats" on our crew.

Kaylee is a lot of fun. She has a great sense of humor and should really keep the crew light-hearted. Best of all, she's a great mechanic. If she can keep the broken down "Firefly" running, she should be able to fix anything the "'verse" can throw our way.

If you'd like to read more about our fabulous Spaceship "Dream Team" poll go here. For more information on last week's poll go here.

Next up is the ship's doctor and we have some really tough choices for you guys. Keep the votes coming. This poll just keeps getting better!Was Kaylee your favorite choice for our ship's engineer?

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The latest cast members to join the NBC television reboot of Wonder Woman by producer David E. Kelley are Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Hurley.

Elizabeth Hurley, the British bombshell best known for the Austin Powers movies, will play Veronica Cale. Cale is the main villain of the pilot. As head of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals, a company producing a drug that makes people stronger, she jealously vows to take down the Amazonian superhero.

Cary Elwes, the British actor most famous for playing Wesley in the cult film The Princess Bride will play Henry Detmer, the acting CEO of Themyscira Industries. Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) owns the company. His iconic declaration of love, "As you wish," has been quoted by geeks since the 1980s.

It looks like the show will be a major change from the comic book. Diana Prince never ran a company in the comics.

They join Adrianne Palicki in the lead role as Wonder Woman\Diana Prince and Pedro Pascal as Ed Indelicato, a police officer friend of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a Amazonian superheroine from the 1940s. She has super-strength, flight, bullet-proof bracelets, a lasso that makes people tell the truth and an invisible plane.

So, if you have fond memories of the character, what do you think of the casting so far? Does it excite you or repulse you?

[Image sources: comicbookresources, examiner, Trailershut]

In the last few months, Wikileaks has turned the political scene upside-down by releasing thousands of previously classified documents from around the world. What has not been fully publicized is that some of those documents come not just from our world, but from the worlds of science-fiction movies and television. We here at Geek Twins have recovered and reviewed some of those shocking secret documents. For security reasons, we'll be releasing them only a few at a time. These selections come from The Matrix.


The show Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) still stands the test of time as the penultimate vision of Gene Roddenberry. From introducing the heart-warming Data (Brent Spiner) to reintroducing the warrior Klingons, the show touched millions.  If you're a newcomer to the series, our handy guide offers a thorough basis for understanding the entire show. Watch these ten episodes and you'll become an expert Star Trek TNG Trekker/Trekkie.

1) "The Best of Both Worlds Parts 1 & 2"
Season 3 Ep. 26\ Season 4 Ep.1

 A cube ship containing the cold cybernetic alien Borg destroys a colony and is headed for Earth. As the Enterprise is intercepting the ship, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) is kidnapped and turned into their unwilling spokesman. Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) must choose between saving Picard and saving humanity.

The Borg are the best and most popular villains in TNG. This is the best Borg episode ever made. Watch these episodes and you'll have a full understanding of their culture, techniques, and strategies. This episode also had far-reaching affects on the Captain as he dealt with the post-traumatic stress of his kidnapping. This led all the way to the films and is Picard's strongest character motivation in the series.

Trivia: This is the first time the Borg's famous line "Resistance is Futile" is heard.

Favorite Quote: "I will continue aboard this ship to speak for the Borg. While they continue, without further diversion, to Sector 001 where they will force your unconditional surrender." - Picard talking to the Enterprise as Locutus.

See Also: "I, Borg","Qwho", "Descent 1 + 2", Star Trek: First Contact


On Sunday, the first episode of PIECES was released on YouTube. PIECES is an online series that's a classic sci-fi mindbender in the tradition of Inception or The Matrix. When a man named Jacob Clarke is diagnosed with a brain tumor, he starts hearing a voice that seems almost omniscient. When Jacob starts following the Voice's instructions, he finds himself an unwitting hero. Then the Voice tells him to do something else: kill a man.  Clarke's decision whether to follow or ignore the Voice sends his life in a terrifying new direction, and he is forced to question whether he's gone insane or is experiencing something supernatural.

Of course, the show can't be judged by the standards of a conventional show. It's a labor of love. There are no big-budget special effects or big name actors or writing staff. The entire production is written, directed, produced, and mostly performed by one man: Dylann Bobei.

I was impressed by how many information was conveyed in such a short amount of time. There were obvious shortcuts made due to a limited budget and sets. For example, Jacob is taken to a hospital, but we never see it. There's just an overhead shot of Jacob's face with hospital sounds, then a fade to Jacob back at home, lying in bed while his mother pleads on his answering machine to talk to her about his cancer diagnosis. Obvious cheat, but I was surprised how well it worked. Actually seeing the hospital wasn't necessary, and it actually seemed more expedient and moving than actually showing the scene of the diagnosis. Much like the malfunctioning shark robot in Jaws forced Spielberg to leave the shark invisible most of the movie, finding other ways to convey the story made it more interesting.

The acting is pretty good, although most of it involved Jacob acting confused. Occasionally he came off a little stiff, but I still managed to believe and care about the character. I look forward to getting past this initial phase so we can see more range in Bobei's acting.

Overall, I thought the first episode was a great start to what could be a very entertaining show. I hope that Bobei can sustain and follow through on the mysteries introduced here, and can also expand the scope and depth of the concept. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Good to know we have other sources to turn to for sci-fi than movies and TV. And it's free.

You can check it out at the official website: http://www.piecestheseries.com/episodes.html (WARNING: Contains strong language and violence)


We asked and you've voted. With 31% of the votes, you selected "Rommie" from Andromeda to be the pilot of our "Spaceship dream team!"

This is one of the more interesting and surprising choices. Andromeda was a moderately successful science-fiction show from the mid-2000s about a crew fighting to unite the galaxy in a warship. It featured an intelligent computer with a robot avatar they called "Rommie." 

Essentially, we've chosen the computer to be the pilot of our ship. She is very loyal to her crew and protects those in her care. As a warship computer she is always ready to fight and will work hard to keep the crew and the ship safe. Under the command of Captain Solo and First Officer Spock, she'll provide a good balance for their opposing viewpoints and styles.

She's also our first female crew member. "Rommie"  is an excellent choice.

I thought for sure "Wash" from Firefly would win, and it was a close call.

Poor Wesley Crusher got zero votes. He really is the Jar-Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe.

Get a closer look at the results here and read more about our "Dream Team" here.

Next up we'll select our ship's engineer (mechanic). Vote now in the side bar!

How do you feel about our new pilot?

[Image Source: andromeda.wikia.com)]


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