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Top 10 Best Comics This Week - 7/25 - 7/31

Read on for the top 10 comics in this week's new comic pull list.

1. Venom #9

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Bryan Hitch
Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch, Alex Sinclair
Partial Summary: THE CAGE OPENSEDDIE BROCK, AL EWING & BRYAN HITCH UNITE FOR A TALE ACROSS TIME! Eddie Brock is still getting used to his place in the symbiote hive, and with new allies and familiar faces alike offering him advice along the way, Eddie remains as canny, wary and reckless as ever. Little does he know, his battle across the cosmos has only just begun, and KANG THE CONQUERER has a front-row seat for its first act! LEGACY #209
On Sale: July 27, 2022
Price: $3.99

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2. The Amazing Spider-Man #6

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott, David Lopez, Ed McGuinness
Artist: David Lopez, Marcos Martín, Ed McGuinness, Todd Nauck
Cover Artist: Marcio Menyz, Scott Hanna, John Romita Jr.
Partial Summary: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER / SPIDEY MEETS JIMMY / SAVE THE DATELANDMARK ISSUE #900! The nine-hundredth issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comes out the month of Spider-Man's 60th Anniversary, and we are pulling out ALL THE STOPS! Someone from Spider-Man’s past has captured the Sinister Six and used them to create the truly terrifying SINISTER ADAPTOID, a being equipped with the abilities of Spidey’s greatest foes: Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Mysterio, and Sandman. This is one of the biggest adventures in Spider-History and you will not believe the ending!LEGACY #900
On Sale: July 27, 2022
Price: $3.99

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3. Detective Comics #1062

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Simon Spurrier, Ram V.
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque, Dani
Cover Artist: Evan Cagle
Partial Summary: GOTHAM NOCTURNE, PART 1: OVERTURE / THE CODA, PART 1 OF 3It’s a new era for the detective of the night as we introduce award-winning new series writer Ram V. (CATWOMAN, The Many Deaths of Laila Starr), and artist extraordinaire Rafael Albuquerque (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, SUPERMAN/BATMAN)! Together, they’ll be turning Gotham into a tragic yet beautiful gothic opera for our eyes and ears to feast on. Something is terribly wrong with Batman. No matter the tests Bruce takes, nor the numbers he counts, the greatest detective in the world can't pin down the source of this creeping dread—of his own inner demons and a looming mortality. Meanwhile, real demons roam the shadows as an ancient melody haunts the Gotham night. Here now the curtains rise and as the eerie tune streams in…who is human, who is demon, who is to tell? As Batman investigates the songs and the demons of Gotham, he is forced to confront the oldest question…whether there has been a demon within him all along…and if so, what does it want?…and why hasn't it taken over yet?
On Sale: July 26, 2022
Price: $4.99

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4. Captain America: Symbol of Truth #3

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Tochi Onyebuchi
Artist: Ze Carlos, R.B. Silva
Cover Artist: R.B. Silva, Jesus Aburtov
Partial Summary: HOMELAND, PART 3ON TRIAL IN LATVERIA! Sam Wilson's hunt for the source of a vibranium smuggling ring lands him in hot water with the one and only DOCTOR DOOM! Can Captain America escape Latveria with his life? And what dangerous secret has the Falcon, Joaquín Torres, stumbled across in his own hometown? LEGACY #738
On Sale: July 27, 2022
Price: $3.99

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5. Star Wars: Obi-Wan #3

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Christopher Cantwell
Artist: Alessandro Miracolo
Cover Artist: Phil Noto
Partial Summary: DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWNTHE BATTLE OF ABRION BRIDGE! While continuing to wait out a nasty sandstorm on Tatooine, Obi-Wan reflects on one of his most grueling experiences in the Clone Wars… It’s a memory full of pain and bloodshed, and one that has lasting consequences. The battle also reminds Obi-Wan of an age-old question he has long wrestled with throughout his life: what is a Jedi’s true purpose in war?
On Sale: July 27, 2022
Price: $3.99

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6. All New Firefly #6

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: David M. Booher
Artist: Vincenzo Federici
Cover Artist: Mona Finden
Partial Summary: The crew returns, but with only pure devastation to greet them, along with their own internal conflicts and distrust to deal with, especially as Jayne's character is obscured by a relationship to someone special. With only half the crew on the hunt for a potential target, Serenity ends up in dire straits, to the mortal peril of everyone on board...
On Sale: July 27, 2022
Price: $4.99

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7. Young Justice: Targets #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Greg Weisman
Artist: Chris Jones
Cover Artist: Chris Jones, Jason Wright
Partial Summary: Queen Perdita has been kidnapped! Mysterious armored assailants have snatched the Vlatavan royal out from beneath Bowhunter Security, leaving Green Arrow and Black Canary poisoned and comatose in the process! Now a rallying cry echoes around the globe, and across super-teams, to band together and rescue Perdita! Continuing the story of Young Justice: Phantoms, now streaming on HBO MAX, is the six-issue, digital first Young Justice: Targets.
On Sale: July 26, 2022
Price: $3.99

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8. Batman: One Dark Knight #3

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Jock
Artist: Jock
Cover Artist: Jock
Partial Summary: PART THREE: CAN'T KEEP RUNNING AWAYFrom the sewers under Gotham to the roiling waters of the harbor, Batman's march toward Blackgate Prison is nearing its end…but far from being a passive prisoner, E.M.P. has his own mission to fulfill—and there's no way he's letting the Dark Knight stop him from carrying it out!
On Sale: July 26, 2022
Price: $6.99

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9. Action Comics #1045

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Will Conrad, David Lapham, Brent Peeples
Cover Artist: Lucio Parrillo
Partial Summary: WARWORLD REVEOLUTION, PART THREE / A WORLD WITHOUT CLARK KENT, PART TWOThe Warworld Revolution escalates as Superman gains the upper hand, forcing Mongul to take desperate measures. Meanwhile, a fallen ally of Superman is resurrected…at a terrible cost. A new connection to Jack Kirby’s Fourth World is revealed as the Warworld Saga’s mind-blowing conclusion nears! Then, in “A World Without Clark Kent”—Lois Lane and John Henry Irons race against time to save Thao-La, testing the limits of the mysterious element Genesis!
On Sale: July 26, 2022
Price: $4.99

Buy Action Comics 1045& on Amazon

10. Superman: Space Age #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Michael Allred
Cover Artist: Michael Allred
Partial Summary: After years of standing idle, the young man from Krypton defies the wishes of his fathers to come out to the world as the first superhero of the Space Age. As each decade passes and each new danger emerges, he wonders if this is the one that will kill him and everyone he loves. Superman realizes that even good intentions are not without their backlash as the world around him transforms into a place as determined to destroy itself as he is to save it.
On Sale: July 26, 2022
Price: $9.99

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What comics are you buying this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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