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Review: THE MANDALORIAN S1E2 Chapter Two - The Child

Read this review to find out if The Mandalorian episode Chapter Two - The Child is worth watching. The second episode of The Mandalorian is slower paced but ramps up the drama.

About The Mandalorian

  • Season 1, Episode 2: Chapter Two - The Child
  • Directed by Rick Famuyiwa
  • Written by Jon Favreau
  • Synopsis: Target in-hand, the Mandalorian must now contend with scavengers.
  • Airdate: November 15, 2019
  • Starring: Pedro Pascal, Nick Nolte, Misty Rosas, Stephen Jackson Powers Jr.,
If you want to avoid spoilers for this episode then skip to the overall section at the end.

Warning: Spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 2 Chapter Two - The Child"

Recap The Mandalorian: S1E02 - Chapter Two - The Child

The episode picks up a little bit after the first episode with The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) heading back to his ship with his target. It's a floating orb holding the baby alien that looks a lot like Yoda. Fans have started calling him "Yoda Baby" even though he's not a baby at 50-years old and he's not Yoda as far as we know.

As he's going through a cavern on the isolated desert planet of Arvala-7 he's jumped by some Trandoshan warriors. They're either bounty hunters or natives on the planet. Either way, he beats them up pretty bad and even disintegrates one for good measure. It's a fun scene but doesn't really advance the story much. When he gets over the ridge he sees a Jawa transport. Knowing something is up he uses his rifle scope. Turns out he parked his ship the "Razor Crest" in a bad part of town and it's getting stripped for parts. The little guys are taking his ship apart and carting them away on the ship.

The Mandalorian takes a bunch of guys out before they take off. Very slowly. Slowly enough that he tries to storm the crawler. While he gets all the way to the top someone hits him with a taser-like device that knocks him flat and they take off. Very. Slowly. But the ship is useless now missing weapons and hull plating. Not even the engines work. He's stuck.

He takes the baby back to the Ugnaught moisture farmer Kuiil (Nick Nolte). There Kuiil convinces the Mandalorian that he's not getting his parts bak without trading for them. The bounty hunter bristles at trying to negotiate for his own stolen parts. But eventually, he agrees.

Kuiil knows the Jawas well and takes him to them. After some tense negotiations, they agree to give him his parts in exchange for "The Egg". The egg they're looking for is in a cave guarded by a Mudhorn. It looks a lot like a hippo with a big horn on its nose and covered in a mossy blanket. For some reason, the Mandalorian takes the baby with him. Good thing too.

After a few minutes of getting stomped the baby raises it's an arm and closes its eyes. The massive Mudhorn gets lifted into the air and the bounty hunter kills it with a knife. The baby collapses with exertion. I have to say it's the most surprising thing ever and raises a bunch of questions. How did the baby learn the force? How did it train? Why did it decide to help?

None of those questions get answered but he heads back to the Jawas. They eagerly eat the disgusting glop in the egg likes its candy. Maybe it is? They're a long way from Cadbury farms though. The Mando gets his parts and they head back to Kuiil's home. He complains it'll take a full-service bay three days to put it all back together. But it turns out the moisture farm is a whiz with engineering and a montage shows him putting the ship back together in one night. Amazing.

The episode ends with Kuiil refusing any kind of payment and saying he just wants peace in the valley. The Ugnaught leaves and the Mandalorian heads into space with his bounty.

Overall The Mandalorian: S1E02 - Chapter Two - The Child

Overall: Watch "Chapter Two - The Child" directed by Rick Famuyiwa and written by Jon Favreau
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars

The episode is light on action and story but does the job. It's fun to see the Jawa mythology fleshed out more and the underlying culture a bit. The Nigerian-American director Rick Famuyiwa does a good job and giving it the fast-paced style he's known for. It's slower than the last episode but is still great.

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