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Who's Stronger in the MCU: Black Panther or Captain America?

Captain America: Civil War concept art by Ryan Meinerding
Find out why Black Panther is stronger than Captain America. Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, is super-strong. Captain America, played by Chris Evans is also super-strong. But which one is stronger? Actually, it's Black Panther and that's been confirmed by several movies.

Steve Rogers first appears in Captain America: The First Avenger and, after being treated by the super-soldier serum, is shown to be super-human. T'Challa first appears in Captain America: Civil War and is shown to be incredibly strong and fast chasing a car and throwing people through the air. While the two never get into an arm wrestling match there are lots of clues to show how they match on strength.

So who would win in a match Black Panther vs Captain America?

Comic Book Strength

In the comics, Captain America is weaker than Black Panther. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe lists Captain America's strength at "peak of human potential" and he has the ability to lift 800 lbs.

Black Panther, thanks to the panther goddess Bast, has superhuman levels of strength and can lift two tons. So Black Panther is superhumanly stronger than Captain America in the comics.

They actually fought in Black Panther #24 (2005). Captain America vs Black Panther happened and Cap ended up on the floor. T'Challa said he could have crushed "his head like a grapefruit" if he'd wanted to. Steve said it wasn't a real fight but they both know what could have happened.

Helicopter Vs. Rhino

In the movies, it's a little trickier but we can use several events for comparison. First, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bucky is taking off and Steve grabs the helicopter and pulls it to a standstill.

According to the website RotaryAction it's an Agusta Westland AW-109 with an estimated 570 Horsepower. Steve Rogers is able to resist the force and stop it. Very impressive but he's not strong enough to bring it down.

Meanwhile, in Black Panther, a group of Wakandan war rhinos attack. T'Challa grabs one by the horn and easily wrestles it to the ground.

White Rhinos are the largest of the Rhino species and the biggest was 17 feet long and weighed over 10,000 pounds. The rhino in the movie is at least as big, or maybe bigger. Not only are they heavy but can run up to 35 miles an hour. T'Challa doesn't just stop a force equal to a helicopter but overpowers it. So that alone proves Black Panther is stronger than Captain America. But there's more.

The Winter Solider Connection

In Captain America: Civil War Bucky has a bionic arm as The Winter Soldier that grants him super-strength. He fights Steve and overpowers him. But then he fights Black Panther and T'Challa is able to not only break the grip but pull the arm away.

So Black Panther is stronger than Captain America in the MCU. But Steve Rogers is still awesome.

Who do you think is stronger? Let us know in the comments below!

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