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Check Out All of Iron Man's "Buster" Armor [Infographic]

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor to a global audience, but comic fans were quite familiar with it. In Age of Ultron, when the Hulk goes on a rampage, Iron Man unleashes a mega-powerful version of his standard armor to fight the green goliath. Tony Stark is famous for tinkering and modifying his armor to suit every occasion, and has had several variations of Hulkbuster armor in the comics, as well as armor to fight other foes. In celebration of the return of Earth's Mightest Heroes to the big screen, Halloween Costumes.com created this awesome infographic to take a look back at the other "Busters" Iron Man has used in his career. (Click to enlarge)

[Via Halloweencostumes.com]

Which is your favorite buster armor?

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  1. That Galactus Buster has to be huuuuuuge! I'd want to see him fight Optimus Prime or Megatron with it.

  2. The one in the movie was pretty sweet.
    Thor: “I've fought bigger.” ;-)

  3. I'll admit the Galactus Buster is pretty sweet. But I'm still waiting on Tony to design the Busta Rhymes Buster.

  4. Iron Man versus The Transformers! Back when Marvel had the comics rights to The Transformers it either probably happened or could have happened. The movie version would be fantastic.

  5. I remember Spider-Man in the Transformers comic but not Iron Man. That would have been cool.

  6. Much the same with me. I remember Spiderman, but I could have sworn the X-Men got involved at some point. I know the original Death's Head did as well. If Iron Man didn't get involved, then that was a missed opportunity for sure.


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