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What BACK TO THE FUTURE II Got Right and Wrong About 2015 [Infographic]

What did Back to the Future II get right and wrong about our present time? In 1989, Disney's mega-popular sequel sent us to the mind-bogglingly futuristic world of October 21, 2015. That date is almost upon us, so it's not too early to ask what the movie got right and wrong about our distant future of seven months from now. Staysourced.com created this fun infographic breaking down how modern technology and movie technology have collided. Star Trek's not the only one that predicted our future.

What technology do you think lies ahead? What's your favorite technology? What BTTF technology do you wish we had?

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  1. We watched this with the kids for their first time, and they got a big kick out of the date. My son has been updating me on things (the sneakers, hoverboards). Fun chart. When you look at it that way, we've accomplished some cool things.

  2. Do Roombas qualify as service robots?
    While I'd really like a flying car, I think it will ultimately be a bad idea.

  3. Great infographic. I like the De-extinction idea, as long as the the dinos stay on the island.


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