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8 Coolest Sneakers in Sci-Fi Movies and TV

Tennis shoes, sneakers, trainers; whatever you call them, they're a common accessory in every day life. Comfortable and fashionable, sneakers are both cool and fun to wear. As a part of pop culture, they've also shown up often in sci-fi movies, and occasionally caused a stir in the real world. Here are eight of the coolest we've ever seen.

8. Ripley's Stompers (Aliens)

When Ripley faced off against the Alien Queen, she did it in Reeboks. These stylish Velcro sneakers gave her the traction she needed to run from the Xenomorphs. Reebok occasionally made custom shoes based on her "alien stompers."

7. Reese's Vandals (The Terminator)

When Kyle Reese travels back in time, he can't bring his combat boots with him...or anything else, for that matter. He has to get some new clothes, and quickly breaks into a department store to snag himself a pair of Hi Top Nike Vandals. Black and white. Nice.

6. Deckard's Officials (Blade Runner)

In this movie about a robot (replicant) hunter in the future, Deckard chases down his targets in very comfortable shoes. It took fans a long time to pin down exactly what those shoes were, but it turned out he wore Adidas Official shoes, worn by basketball referees in the eighties. All logos were removed by the costume department, but not the coolness.

5. Spooner's Chuck Taylors (I, Robot)

Set in futuristic Chicago, much is made of Detective Spooner's love for his vintage 2004 Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. What made these sneakers so special? Maybe the fact that the movie was made in 2004 and Converse sold the same shoes. Product placement is alive and well in the future.

4. The Doctor's Chuck Taylors (Doctor Who)

The Doctor is a Time Lord, and he changes personalities and outfits whenever he dies and is regenerated. Every Doctor has gone for a different look. There's the Fourth Doctor's long scarf and coat, the Sixth's Doctor's colorful outfits. The Eleventh Doctor went with a different style, wearing glasses and sneakers. His Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are the first sneakers to cross all of time and space.

3. Fry's Sneakers (Futurama)

Philip Fry gets frozen in 1999 and wakes up in the year 3000. He wears the same clothes from his time, including a pair of sneakers. The sneakers aren't that special, except when you consider his sneakers are over a thousand years old. That's what I call a limited edition.

2. Batman's Air Trainers (Batman)

Why is Batman on this list? Well, it's a little known fact that his "boots" were actually modified sneakers, specifically Nike Air Trainer III. I guess when you're terrifying criminals and stalking through caves, you want to be comfortable.

1. McFly's MAGs (Back to the Future II)

In the second installment of the trilogy, Marty McFly goes to the future and Doc Brown dresses him for the occasion. Among his new gear, Marty gets a pair of lighting up self-lacing Nike Air MAG sneakers. Since then, they have become the most coveted sneakers in sci-fi movie history.

Which are your favorites? Any other sneakers you've loved in sci-fi?

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  1. Do the rocket boots in Star Trek V count? Those would be pretty awesome.

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  3. I'm having a bad 80's flashback with some of those...


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