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Collect Every STAR WARS Trading Card Ever Made With New App

Vintage Star Wars Trading Card set (Source)
 Star Wars trading cards have been around for decades, but now Topps has gone digital. For the first time you can collect, share and trade digital trading cards. Including the trading cards from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There are over 1,000 officially-licensed digital cards and they promise every card released since Episode IV's release in 1977 are available. Here's the fun part though. The whole system is based around trading. Sure there are some for sale (the super-rare ones for for up to $50), but the app let's you trade up to nine cards with someone else and they promise free card packs "not just daily, not just hourly, but every couple of minutes." Right now, the app STAR WARS CARD TRADER  is only available for iOS through iTunes, but hopefully it'll be available for Android devices in a galaxy far, far away.

So, what are you waiting for! These are the cards you're looking for and I'll be posting my information later so we can trade if you want. :)

(via The Verge)

What do you think of the Star Wars Card Trader app? Do you collect trading cards? If not, would this make you start?

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  1. Digital trading cards - what will they think of next?
    I do have a collection of the 1977 Star Wars cards.

  2. It would be a lot harder for your mom to throw those out.

  3. My Mother threw out... my cards and 1,000's and 1'000s of Wacky Packages... stickers. I told those could have paid for my college... I have a couple complete sets of the above mentioned, some with the stickers too... for sale, wink.


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