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Geek Twins' 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Publicity photo of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Credit: Paramount)
Well, 2014 is wrapping up, and we've had another great year entertaining you. We thought we'd end with an overview of the most popular posts we've run on the Geek Twins blog this year. Here are the posts you, the readers, loved the most.

10. 30 Surprising Facts About Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan You Didn't Know - We love movie trivia, and apparently you do, too. This overview on the trials and tribulations of filming the most popular Star Trek movie was a big hit. A Ceti Eel plush toy? I'd buy one.
9. 25 Things You Didn't Know About the Original Robocop - When the remake of Robocop premiered in theaters, we created a retrospective of interesting trivia about the original movie. We were surprised and grateful when it got a write-up from Neatorama's John Farrier.
8. Caption This: Kirk and Spock Laughing. McCoy Not - Our caption contests are always popular and yield hilarious results, but this one seems to have been an especially fruitful photo. Even now, going back to look at the comments makes us laugh.
7. Why is Quicksilver in Two Movies? - This was one of our posts inspired by a reader's question on Twitter. The superhero Quicksilver was a big hit in the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, so there were a lot of people surprised to see another Quicksilver played by a different actor in the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Why is he in two different movie franchises? Here's why.
6. 5 Horrifying Facts About Seven of Nine's Uniform - If you noticed, there was a bit of a trend this year with our discussion of wardrobe in the Star Trek franchise. It turns out it doesn't take much digging to discover those memorable costumes had very unpleasant truths behind them. Here, we covered the catsuit of Seven of Nine.
5. Kate Upton in a Bikini in Zero Gravity - We won't lie and say this post was popular because of its deep analysis or insight. It's a well-endowed young woman twirling around in low gravity. Nuff said.
Source: Sports Illustrated
4. 6 Horrifying Facts About Star Trek: TNG Costumes - This post was the second in the trend this year of Star Trek costume articles. Those outfits inspired legions of cosplayers, but it also caused a lot of literal pain and suffering for the cast members. We found out what the costume department smelled like, and how the costumes almost permanently crippled Patrick Stewart.
3. 13 Amazing Villains That Will Appear on The Flash - The Flash TV show has become a smash hit, mainly because of its faithfulness to the original comic while making it more fun and grounded than the 1990's TV show. Based on Easter Eggs planted in early episodes, we broke down thirteen villains from the comics we expected to appear on the show.
2. Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights - By far, this was our most viral post this year. This infographic was featured on Comics Alliance, Geeks Are Sexy, SlashfilmGeek Tyrant, and many more. It seems a lot of people wanted the answer to the question of which superheroes would end up in which movie studios. Our infographic seems to have answered the debate with a touch of cuteness.
1. 7 Bizarre Facts About Deanna Troi's Cleavage - Who knew there was so much to learn about Troi's boobs? This article started our series on Star Trek costumes this year, and it was our most popular over all. If you haven't seen it, check out in-depth trivia and analysis on the counselor's most well-known feature.

We have a lot of fun and interesting stuff planned for 2015, so stay tuned!

Which of these stories were your favorite? Did you have another favorite story we didn't mention?

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  1. Kate Upton was only #5? But clearly I need to discuss boobs more on my blog. How much theoretical money did you make from that graphic going viral?

  2. I can see why some of the blog posts were so popular!

  3. Probably not as much money as you'd think. We do this blog for fun, not to make a living, and most of the traffic went to other sites not ours (i.e. people went to Slashfilm, but most of them never clicked on the link to our website). But it was great to have the visibility.

  4. It is always great to look back at what we were interested in for the year.
    Even if three of the 10 pandered to the male readership the most. ;-)

  5. i don't understan a word that you say.... sorry, i don't read the comics :( can you explain in stupid talk?

  6. adamantium bullets!!!

  7. sorry for this bad, stupid reply, it will heal but if shot in the head he will lose his memory... very, very sorry guys.

  8. I will for the record say Deadpool has come VERY close to killing him a few times.

  9. this is dumb regeneration of wolverine is by cell factor it is basically regeneration Not Healing, when you drown him, the cells of his lungs might die but it will regenerate and regenerate just like in the latest movie past and future.

  10. FTA: "His healing factor can't work after death. If it does, then it's not "healing," it's magic."

    He once healed from being just a skeleton. Call it magic if you want to... he does live in a universe where magic exists.

  11. Benjamin HarrisonApril 19, 2015 at 5:01 PM

    Given the circumstances, which were not normal, BTW, Wolverine had an exceptional type of survival, he passed out due to both being thrown underwater as well as having his mind severed from Kitty Pryde because she was hacked up and dying, however, his mind being shut down may have shut off his brain cells too, so that they didn't need Oxygen either.

    I also watched the film, and the newspaper on the magnetic crane boat that picked him up talked about the events in Paris, so it could be anywhere from half an hour to hours after Magneto tossed him in. Depending on how fast newspapers print their stories too.

    Either way, having his mind link severed shut down his body, having your body or brain shut down as well as hypothermia can allow a person to potentially be revivable later on, think about how that could apply to Wolverine, plus his brain isn't active like his son Daken's was in the comics when Wolverine was forced to kill his own Son with a combination of blunt force and holding his face underwater till he passed out.

    He didn't take a direct nuclear blast in The Wolverine, so I wouldn't call that surviving a nuke.

  12. 7; read civil war wolverine, I believe that also disproves your drowning theories because he can pretty much come back from the dead as long as the healing is active.

  13. Telepathy. You can use it to shut his mind down or turn off his healing factor.

  14. I love Wolverine, but the only time he was cool was back in the day when his healing factor took a reasonable amount of time to do the job. These days, he's just dumb. He has been reduced to a crazy knife-man who can't die.

    And I totally agree that, ironically, the deterioration of the character of Wolverine is due in large part to his popularity, and writers/directors who pandered to the masses. It's sad, but I'm sick of Wolverine. You can argue that he can't die all you want, but he's already dead to me.


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