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Kate Upton in a Bikini in Zero Gravity [Babes]

Source: Sports Illustrated
Kate Upton pretty much causes a frenzy just by walking down the street, but we haven't had much cause for discussing her on this blog because she hasn't done much sci-fi oriented. That all changed with this year's Sports Illustrated shoot. SI is kind of running out of places to shoot supermodels, which is why they almost killed her with last year's shoot in Antarctica.

Last year, Jimmy Fallon jokingly suggested that Kate Upton should go into outer space. SI took him seriously, although they didn't send her up in a space shuttle. Instead, they put her and a crew of photographers in a plane known as a reduced gravity aircraft, more popularly known as "the Vomit Comet." The plane goes into a series of arcs, and when it plunges downward, the effect is similar to microgravity, floating in outer space. The plane has been used in everything from space research to filming Apollo 13, but I think this is its crowning achievement. Yes, scantily-clad, well-endowed women in zero gravity is a good thing.

Kate Upton zero g
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  1. Best animation I've seen in a while Alex.

  2. I would definitely put the vomit in Vomit Comet. I feel awkward ogling her since she's been linked to a pitcher on the Detroit Tigers in the past.

  3. Scantily-clad women in zero gravity is always a good thing! Except I wouldn't be there to see it - otherwise we'd have clean up in aisle one.

  4. I understand that they had to do her hair like that for practical reasons. Still doesn't mean it was okay to come as close as you can to ruining her. (Which is still not very close.)

  5. I'm still holding out for the live action series.

  6. I am not as cute as Kate, but here it goes!



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