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Geek Madness: STAR TREK vs. STAR WARS First Round Part 2! Vote Now!

Futurama Bender with Star Trek Enterprise and Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer (Source)
Vote in the next part of Geek Madness 2014!

Can Princess Leia beat ObiWan? Will Lore crash V'Ger? Can Janeway overcome Kirk? You decide!

Update: We're in round three! Vote on Geek Madness now!

Welcome to the second annual March Geek Madness Tournament! It's time for part two of the first round! Remember to read this Geek Madness post for all the details on the tournament. We've posted the results of part one in the original post and there aren't too many surprises, but it's sad to think of Han Solo having to beat his old friend the "walking carpet." Maybe Chewbacca took a fall.

Now to the second part of the first round. Make sure you click on the "Vote" button for each match.

Star Wars


 Star Trek


Here's the bracket as it stands now (updated 3/24/2014).
Head back to part I to see the results of the first round.

  • (1) Yoda beat (8) R2-D2 in Mos Eisley Cantina
  • (4) Han Solo beat (6) Chewbacca on Endor
  • (1) Darth Vader beat (8) Jabba the Hutt in Jabba's palace
  • (4) Boba Fett beat (5) General Grievous at Utapau
  • (3) Captain Picard beat (6) Captain Sisko at Bajor
  • (2) Mr. Spock beat (7) Seven of Nine in the Borg Cube
  • (3) The Borg Queen beat (6) General Chang on Klingon
  • (2) Khan beat the (7) Gorn Captain on Vulcan

The poll will be closed on Sunday March 23, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST. This post will be updated with the results on Monday (3/24/2014). Vote now!

Play "Geek Madness" Star Wars vs. Star Trek!*
*Not affiliated with Lucasfilm or Paramount. All rights reserved 

Thanks to Mental Floss, A Space Blogyssey and Rediscover the 80s for the shout out on the tournament!

Who are you voting for? Why do you think they'll win?

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  1. Data vs. Worf, now that's a tough one.

  2. I miss not seeing instant results when I vote.

  3. Q versus Lore? Now that wasn't fair. And if V'Ger gets one vote...

  4. Tony, based on popular demand we've re-enabled the results. :) Enjoy!

  5. I dunno Alex. V'Ger pimp-slapped Spock

  6. I know. They're both pretty likeable. The voting is going to get tougher as the game goes on Man.


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