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Geek Madness: STAR TREK vs. STAR WARS Second Round Part 1! Deadline 3/27

"Star Trek into the Dark Side" by Mister Ho (Source)
Act now to vote in the second round of the March "Geek Madness" Star Trek vs. Star Wars tournament! Can Han Solo outsmart Yoda? Will the Borg Queen assimilate Khan? Can Data beat Kirk? You decide!

Update: The third round has begun! Vote now!

Welcome to the second annual March Geek Madness Tournament! This year, we're pitting Star Trek characters against Star Wars characters. Each bracket is divided into Star Trek heroes, Star Trek villains, Star Wars heroes, and Star Wars villains. Remember to read this Geek Madness post for all the details on the tournament.

Now here's the voting for round two. Vote now before you forget!
Star Wars


Star Trek


Here's the bracket as it stands now.

The poll will be closed on Thursday March 27, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST. This post will be updated with the results on Friday (3/27/2014). Vote now! Don't forget to vote Friday for Part II!

The voting for results of part two was fierce, but here's the play-by-play. Feel free to say what YOU think happened in the comments.
  • Emperor Palpatine met Admiral Thrawn on the Imperial Cruiser. Palpatine gave a broad smile below his dark cloak as he said, "My dear Admiral Thrawn, thank you for your help stopping Grand Admiral Zaarin's coup." Lashing out with force lightning, the Emperor killed Admiral Thrawn. As he stood over Thrawn's smoking body, he croaked, "But your services are no longer needed."
  • Luke Skywalker and Mace Windu met in the Galactic Senate. Windu was convinced Luke was the hidden Sith Lord with his black outfit. While the battle was fierce, Luke Skywalker's passion defeated Windu's superior lightsaber skills.
  • Obi Wan faced Leia at Jabba's Palace. In the darkness of the palace, Obi Wan almost didn't recognize Leia in her bounty hunter disguise. When he tried to use the Jedi Mind Trick to confuse Leia, she wasn't "weak-minded" enough. When Kenobi fell to the ground, and Leia stooped to help him, he used his force push to knock her out.
  • Darth Maul faced off against Asaaj Ventress on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. A blinding lightsaber battle raged. In the end, while Ventress had double lightsabers, she couldn't hold up to the onslaught of the double-bladed saber. True Sith power prevailed against Dooku's newest apprentice.
  • Captain Kirk and Janeway met in a training exercise high above Earth. Janeway's Delta Quadrant enhancements quickly took the USS Enterprise by surprise and the shields fell quickly. Janeway opened hailing frequencies and asked for Kirk's surrender. Kirk chuckled, "All right, Janeway. We're still doing our retrofit, so if you'll give us a few minutes, we'll send over an envoy." Janeway smiled and said, "I'm not in my first year of Academy, Kirk. I know your old tricks." Just then, the lights flickered and Janeway heard all the weapons and shields go down. Kirk smiled, "Speaking of the Academy, Janeway, have you ever heard of the Kobayashi Maru?" Janeway smiled knowingly. Kirk smiled, "I'll be awaiting your surrender, Janeway. This battle is over. Kirk out."
  • Lore stood on the desolate world of Ceti Alpha V. A man appeared clothed in white, completely unaffected by the blowing dust and searing heat. Q smiled pleasantly, snapped his finger, and Lore disappeared. "It was nice meeting you," Q said with a smile.
  • V'Ger's ship bore down on Mirror Spock, high above the planet Risa. Spock glowered at V'Ger before activating the Tantalus Field and vaporizing the probe.
  • Khan and the Gorn Captain appeared on Vulcan, but it turns out the Gorn Captain's savagery was no match for Khan's superior skills. Khan implanted a Ceti worm into the Gorn's ear, and made him his slave.
  • Worf and Data were having a drink on Ten Forward when Q appeared. He said, "Well, Lore was boring, so let's have some fun. You two fight. If you win, Data, I'll save half the crew and kill the rest. If you win, Worf, I'll save the other half and kill the rest." Bat'leths appeared in both their hands. Worf growled, "Sorry Data," and lunged at him, chopping his arm off. Data merely looked at the missing arm. "Have no fear, Worf. Geordi can repair it." He then lifted Worf by his neck high in the air with his other hand and slowly squeezed. "This should render you unconscious momentarily. Then the battle will be over," Data said. Worf slashed and cut at Data, but the android was unfazed till the Klingon went limp. As Data carefully placed Worf in a chair, he turned to Q and demanded that he save the entire crew. Q smiled and said, "Of course. You people are boring anyway," and disappeared.
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Who are you voting for? Why do you think they'll win?

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  1. Data handled himself well. And if Q had gone down, it would've been a sign of the apocalypse.

  2. I loved the write-up. Good stuff.


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