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Poll: Will GRAVITY Win All Four Golden Globe Awards?

Gravity (2013) - Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
Gravity (2013) - Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
How many Golden Globe awards will Gravity win?

It's time for the results of last times poll and the new question.

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards is this weekend and on January 12, 2014 Gravity is nominated for four Golden Globe awards. The movie is nominated for "Best Motion Picture Drama," Sandra Bullock is nominated for "Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama," Alfonso Cuaron is nominated for "Best Director in a Motion Picture" and Stephen Price is nominated for "Best Original Soundtrack in a Motion Picture."

So here's the question: How many Golden Globe awards will Gravity win?

Which awards will "Gravity" win?
"Best Motion Picture, Drama"
"Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama"
"Best Director in a Motion Picture"
"Best Soundtrack in a Motion Picture"

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Which awards will Gravity win and why?
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  1. It could but it probably won't. I'd give it the best actress and best director awards but then I haven't watched most of the other nominees, many of which probably aren't in mainstream theaters yet or others like 12 Years a Slave that were there and gone pretty quick.

  2. Probably not all of them. Bullock is probably a lock.

  3. i am not sure... i have to listen to the score and see the other noms...

  4. Sorry, too many vying for the top spot, but Bullock will probably win. I say at least two, maybe three.

  5. I tend to have little to say about awards. So I'll pick one at random and hope it works out.

  6. I hope so. I just had a gravity post today as well. I love this movie. It was just beautiful.


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