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Would You Rather: Live in the Matrix or Tron's Mainframe?

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for "would you rather," the game that asks you to make the tough choices. In last week's question, would you rather save Star Trek or Star Wars, Star Trek won by 70%. This week, you'll be going digital.

The Scenario

Your weekly visit to Wood University for human experimentation takes you in a new direction. Professor Rather explains that his team has developed technology to transfer your consciousness into a digital form. This will allow you to enter a computer generated world. They have two options: you can enter the Matrix from the titular movie series or the ENCOM mainframe from TRON. Wood U's Rather asks, "which do you choose?"

The Ground Rules

  • If you choose the Matrix, you'll be sent into the digital world with a full complement of martial arts and weapons training. You'll spend much of your time fighting the Agents alongside the Resistance.
  • The Matrix you enter will be the one from the first movie, so Neo won't have come along or flooded it with Agent Smiths.
  • If you choose the Mainframe, you'll be sent into the ENCOM grid with a light cycle and a disk. You'll spend much of your time fighting the MCP's forces.
  • The Grid will be the one from the original movie, so lightcycles will stay on the Grid and CLU won't be messing with it.
  • Once you enter the digital world, your body will be disintegrated. Whichever world you choose, you'll be there permanently. You won't be able to jack out of the Matrix or the Grid. Don't worry, your body will be fine.
  • You won't be able to travel from one world to the other. You can't change your mind once the upload is complete.

Make your choice and let us know why in the comments.

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  1. Tron's world is cool, but I'll take the Matrix.

  2. I'd go nuts living in a monochrome world. I don't think I'd want to fight any Agents either.

  3. TRON! I would be a User, so I could change colours and cause mischief for the MCP!

  4. If I choose the Matrix, couldn't I choose to be in the Tron world within the Matrix? I choose the Matrix!

  5. Joy Campbell-ChambersDecember 18, 2013 at 4:15 AM

    Give me the matrix. Weapons and the ability to defend myself sound like the thing for me. Plus, there'd be all that super-cool action.

  6. Matrix for sure. I think the poor lighting from Tron would ruin my eyes. I prefer my virtual reality to look more real.

  7. TRON would only be worth it if Olivia Wilde were definitely also there, plus crazy Michael Sheen. So the Matrix all the way. And I want my steak!

  8. Matrix. Seems like I would have more freedom in there, once i get a hang of it :)


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