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ICYMI: SDCC 2022 Day 1 Edition

Here are the biggest stories for Friday, July 22, 2022. Thanks to the pandemic and money you may not have made it to San Diego Comic-Con 2022 (same here). So, this week is a full list of all the great things you may have missed on day one of SDCC.

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

Above: WWE's Xavier Woods Cosplays as Powerpuff Girl's Mojo Jojo at SDCC | Comic Book Resources

1. Knight Rider Comes to SDCC 2022 with Hot Wheels Exclusive Car | Bleeding Cool

2. Kevin Feige Confirms Marvel Phase 4 Is Only 2 Years Long | ScreenRant

3. Marvel Studios’ X-Men & Blade Reboots Might Get Unexpected Titles | Heroic Hollywood

4. Collider's Prey World Premiere Screening Gets Standing Ovation at SDCC | Collider

5. SDCC 2022: ‘Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’ Announces Stellar Guest and Recurring Voice Cast | Marvel

6. Deadpool And Logan To Join The Marvel Collection On Disney+ | Marvel

7. All the San Diego Comic Con 2022 Trailers | Collider

8. Collider's Prey World Premiere Screening Gets Standing Ovation at SDCC | Collider

9. Marvel to Chucky: Most exciting panels at SDCC 2022 | SYFY WIRE | SyFy

10. Paul Wesley Honors William Shatner at SDCC | Bleeding Cool

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Quote of the Day

"I am the Nightrider. I’m a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller" - Nightrider - Mad Max (1979)

On This Day: Friday, July 22, 2022 

H.G. Wells' The Time Machine (1960) opened in US theaters on July 22, 1960

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