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Would You Rather: Save STAR TREK or STAR WARS?

It's Tuesday, and it's time for "would you rather," the game that asks you to make the tough choices. On last week's question, "Would You Rather: Save the Earth or Colonize Mars," 71% chose Earth. This week, it's time to choose between the Big Two sci-fi franchises.

The Scenario

You're a time traveler who wins a trip to the age of dinosaurs. Despite their warnings, you accidentally step on a butterfly and change history. As a result, George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry were never born, creating a world without Star Trek or Star Wars. The time travel company is understandably angry, and demands that you fix it. You can't restore the original timeline as it was, but they can send you back to restore one of the franchises. Which would you choose?

The Ground Rules

  • If you save George Lucas, he will go on to create the Star Wars franchise. Star Trek will never have existed.
  • If you save Roddenberry, he will go on to create the Star Trek franchise. Star Wars will never have existed.
  • You cannot save both franchises.

Make your choice and let us know why in the comments. Bonus points if you describe what the world would be like without Star Trek or Star Wars.

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  1. A world without The Empire Strikes Back? NO way!

  2. If I can go back and help George Lucas with the prequels then that would be the one I chose. TESB is one of the best films ever.

  3. Definitely Star Trek :D

  4. Star Trek!!! Abrams will save Star Wars. Besides, without Star Trek, we wouldn't have Star Wars.

  5. okay, i cannot choose... easily. on the one hand, space cowboys and the other... technical breakthroughs... oh, i pick Star... Star... Star... dammit, Sophie pick one.

  6. This was tough. But I was not expecting the majority the choose the same way I did. Star Trek has been very good to me. I'm still waiting for someone other than George Lucas to do Star Wars well. (I believe in you, J.J.!)

  7. Gotta save my Trek. Way too many hours of enjoyment to let them unravel and blow away on the winds of time..!

    Of course, my sister will destroy me for not saving her beloved Star Wars, but damn the consequences!

  8. GO fuck yourself!

  9. Go fuck yourself! the prequals are great movies. The originals were a big pile of crap.

  10. You are entitled to your opinion, even though you have 2 comments at this time and they both make you sound ignorant.

  11. David and Alex, I just wanted to apologize that these comments made it past the comment filter. I've deleted them since the violate our commenting guidelines. Thanks


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