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The Greatest DOCTOR WHO Cosplay Wedding Photos You'll See Today [Gallery]

Laurie and Justin's Doctor Who themed wedding photos by Davey Morgan

Here are most amazing Doctor Who themed wedding photos you'll see today.

Many fans were hoping that Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) would fall in love and get married. It looks like they may finally get their wish thanks to one couple

A while back we featured Laurie and Justin's Doctor Who themed engagement photos. We got an email from the photographer Davey Morgan announcing that the couple got married!

Laurie and Justin, the couple from the engagement pictures, had a wonderful Doctor Who themed wedding including a full-size TARDIS, "Rose" and "Weeping Angels" and a TARDIS wedding cake.

The pictures are beautiful, so we thought we'd share a sample of them.

Make sure you head to DaveyMorgan.com to see the rest of the pictures. Here's wishing the happy couple a weebly-wobbley timey-wimey long marriage.

What do you think of the wedding and the photos? Would you like to wish the happy couple congratulations?

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  1. That's two very devoted Dr. Who fans! Wish them all the best.

  2. Nice! So she's The Time Traveler's Wife then?

  3. I wish I'd done a Star Trek wedding... now I guess it'd be a Backworlds wedding.

  4. I wonder if they get to keep the Tardis?

    I'd want to do a roller coaster wedding (I've seen one done before) but my husband would shoot down that idea in a heartbeat.

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