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Geek Bits: What if The Punisher Didn't Use Guns? Doctor Who Themed Engagement Photos and More [Links]

Here are this week's top ten best "Geek Bits."

10. Space 1970 has a post on the goofy, but fun, CAPTAIN AMERICA (1979) film

These movies represent a unique frustration for me.  Captain America has always been my favorite superhero, and I realize how lucky Cap fans were to see these movies, but... it stings that they're not very good.  Clearly they were less inspired by the comics and more by the then-contemporary Six Million Dollar Man series, including giving Cap an Oscar Goldman-like boss and a unique sound effect when he used his super-strength. 

9. Christian Bale Confirms He Won't Be Batman In The Justice League Film http://buff.ly/19TuzPm (via Bleeding Cool)
We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three [Batman films]. That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy.
It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.

8. Doctor Who-Themed Engagement Photos  http://buff.ly/17VzazS (via Nerdist)
To see the rest of Davey Morgan’s session with Laurie and Justin, check out his website

7. Flights, Tights and Movie Nights has the brilliant Superhero Movie Bingo

6. Vulcan Denied As A Name for Pluto’s Moon (via ScienceFiction.com) 
There was a poll by International Astronomical Union to name one of Pluto's moons "Vulcan" and Star Trek fans flooded the poll to name it. But, "the International Astronomical Union didn't approve this name because apparently, there is another celestial body that has the name Vulcan." It's pretty ridiculous, but head to the site for the convoluted explanation.

5. Letters To Superheroes: Issue #5 - Dear Batman by Alfred via (The Non-Review)

4. The Best of Viggo Mortensen by (Never Mind Pop FIlm)


2. Michael Jackson almost starred in a Doctor Who movie(via io9)
A book about thwarted attempts to make a Doctor Who feature film reveals that Paramount wanted the title role to go to Michael Jackson.
Charles Norton, author of Doctor Who at the Movies, discovered that the King of Pop was the studio’s first choice when it agreed in 1988 to back a film by Daltenreys, the British production company that held the film rights.
1. Replacing Guns with "Thumbs-Up" (via Vicious Imagery)
Head to the site to see the rest. 

What do you think of this week's links?

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  1. I saw part of one of those Captain America movies on Syfy a couple years ago when the 2011 movie came out. It was super-duper lame. I think he had a van he drove around in too. Which brings to mind Cap hanging around playgrounds. Of course the 1990 movie wasn't much better. The effects were a little better but otherwise it was pretty lame.

    I'm not sure how many bingo pieces A Hero's Journey would qualify for.

  2. Loved the links. The Letter to Batman was my favorite. MJ as The Doctor would have blown chunks! If Jackson wasn't available, Bill Cosby was the studio's second pick. I'm all for a ethnically different incarnation but that would have just killed any chance of the 2005 come back.

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out! Very cool of you.

    Yeah, that whole Michael Jackson as the Doctor thing... That's just wrong. Though I wouldn't mind a little diversity in the role. I'm the crowd that'd love to see Daniel Kaluuya in the role.

  4. Great links! I remember the old Reb Brown, Captain America movies and remember being pissed because they changed so much of the material

    FLAG serum my @$$!! :)

    Have a good weekend

  5. Now you can't use two thumbs up, as that is trademarked by Siskel and Ebert.
    Looking back, there really weren't that many good films coming out of the 70's. Only Jaws really holds up, and maybe Close Encounters.
    And if we can't name it Vulcan, can we call it Klingon?

  6. "Because science!" And that sums up what most of Marvel storytelling means to me...

  7. The revised version, yes. The original - not so much. Those special effects didn't hold up as well as the two I named.

  8. Some fun stuff, I couldn't get enough of that Thumbs Up site, though there were a few that were a little too wonky. Thanks for sharing my Bingo too!

  9. Great links!

    They really turned down the name Vulcan? Aw, too bad.

  10. You're welcome TS. I'd love some diversity and that Daniel suggestion is a good one. The rumor is he dropped out of the running, but you never know. I'd actually love to see an older man in the role, but someone young and hip gets better ratings.

  11. I'm sorry too Eagle. We need Mpax to explain the reasoning behind not allowing it.

  12. You got it man. That thumbs up site had me rolling. I started thinking of some myself.

  13. They're best left forgotten Mark. Although Jeb would go into to play some of my favorite bad movies.


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