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Caption This!: FARSCAPE Doctor and Crichton [Poll]

What hilarious caption would you give this picturte? Farscape turned 14 this week, so the show is the theme behind this week's caption.

Above Image:  Farscape (1999), Scorpious/Harvey (Wayne Pygram), John Crichton (Ben Browder)

This week's "Caption This" is based on one of my favorite shows: Farscape from "The-Channel-Formerly-Known-as-Sci-Fi"

Ten years ago this week, on March 19, 1999, the Australian science fiction television series Farscape premiered. The final episode of the series, "Bad Timing" was on March 21, 2003 in the U.S.

The series was conceived by Rockne S. O'Bannon and "The Jim Henson Company" made most of the cool alien makeup and prosthetics. In fact, Rygel and Pilot are entirely animatronic puppets. I loved that show.

Here's this week's picture.

How would you describe this scene? What do you think they're saying?

By the way, did you know you can use the voting buttons to vote up your favorite caption? Let's vote to see who can come up with the best caption!

All the captions were hilarious last week, but my favorite was from Jay at "Comic Book News and Movie Reviews" who said, "Hmmm? I wonder if Clark knows [that] his 'S' would be projected backwards in the sky?"

Come back next week for our reader poll and in two weeks for the next "Caption This!"

What caption would you give this picture?

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    John: Are you Spartacus?

    Oopps... sorry, Mo. Ran off too much there, huh?


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