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Review: INCEPTION Dreams Better Than THE MATRIX

The Matrix was one of the most mind-bending movie experiences ever. Inception takes that and triples the experience.

Director Christopher Nolan had the idea for Inception for ten years, but decided to wait till the characters were well defined before writing the script. Sure, the concept of traveling through dreams is fun, but great characters make great movies. The characters in Inception will blow you away.

In the world of the film people can share dreams. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a forlorn master theif who breaks into people's minds through their dreams and steals ideas. Japanese industrialist Saito (Ken Watanabe) enlists Dom to implant an idea in the mind of smarmy millionaire heir Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy). Cobb's team consists of two-fisted Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), elfin architect Ariadne (Ellen Page), the master of disguise Eames (Tom Hardy) and comical Yusuf (Dileep Rao).

In many ensemble films, one or more characters feel thrown in, but here every character is memorable. The cast has six Oscar-nominated actors and two Golden Globe nominees and the acting quality shows with every scene.

The job takes them to the deepest, darkest places of the mind as the team is haunted by the mysterious Mal (Marion Cotillard) who continually appears to ruin their plans. There are complex rules to the dream world and Nolan manages to make and break them in stylistic fashion.

The action in the film is gripping and intense. It never feels forced or padded, but always moves the story. One particularly exciting scene has Joseph Gordon-Leavitt fighting in a hallway that loses gravity and continually moves from along the floor to the walls and ceiling.

If The Matrix leaves you walking out of the theater asking, "How do I know I'm not in a virtual world?" Inception leaves you wondering, "How do I know I'm awake?" If you're looking for a fun action-packed thrill ride that makes you think, then go see Inception.

It gets a 93% on the Geek-Out-Meter since I haven't stopped thinking about it a week later.

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