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ICYMI: Ben Affleck Batman Returns, Favreau Didn't Want Stark Dying, Best MCU Parents and More

Last week we saw a bunch of big news from marvel but there's big news this week from other companies as well. From Avatar's underwater VFX to the return of the "Snyderverse" Batman here is all the news you may have missed this week. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Above Image: You have to pick 2 Marvel villain parents to be your parents, who are you picking? (via Reddit /MarvelStudios)

1. Ben Affleck Could Return as Batman (Again) In Aquaman 2 | Gizmodo

2. MCU: 10 Movies That Fans Want To See In Phase 6, According To Reddit | Screenrant

3. The Russo Brothers Say Jon Favreau Didn’t Want Iron Man To Die In ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Heroic Hollywood

4. Avatar 2's Groundbreaking Underwater CGI Could Be Huge... For Marvel | Screenrant

5. Daredevil: Born Again Needs to Bring Back Foggy Nelson & Karen Page | Collider

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger Wanted The 6th Day To Reinvent His Reputation | SlashFilm

7. William Shatner's Lost Wallet Found At California Fruit Stand | Huffington Post

8. Every Returning & New MCU Character Confirmed In She-Hulk (So Far) | Screenrant

9. Sylvester Stallone Looks Unbreakable in the First Samaritan Trailer | Superhero Hype

10. Spider-Man: Freshman Year Will Remain MCU Canon Because of the Multiverse | Collider

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