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Top 10 Outstanding Comics This Week - #15 (Apr 3-9, 222)

It's new comic book day and here's your list of this week's comics you'll want to check out. Batman fights to save Deathstroke. A mixed superhero family fights to stay hidden. The Thing fights Mr. Fantastic. All this and more are in this week's comic book pull list. 

1. X-Force #27

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Robert Gill, Guru-eFX,
Cover Artist: Dean White, Joshua Cassara
Partial Summary: "ENTER CEREBRAX! An all-new jumping-on point as the DESTINY OF X begins! As WOLVERINE returns to Krakoa, the mind-melding threat of CEREBRAX grips the island via a security flaw that X-FORCE will have to defend against! But where does it come from, and what does it want with FORGE?"
On Sale: APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $3.99

2. Batman #122

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Trevor Hairsine
Cover Artist: Howard Porter
Summary: "SHADOW WAR, PART 2: TOO MANY #%^&$#@ NINJAS. / SECRET MEETINGS Ra's al Ghul is dead, and Talia is out for revenge! Batman is on the case to find Deathstroke before Talia's elite killers do! But Batman starts to piece together that not everything is what it seems in Ra's's death…and knows whom he must interrogate to get answers…Talia herself! Can the two former lovers ever work together again? Plus, a backup tale showing the secret first fight between Batman and Deathstroke! CONTINUES FROM SHADOW WAR: ALPHA #1. / CONTINUED IN DEATHSTROKE INC. #8."
On Sale: APR 5TH, 2022
Price: $4.99

3. X-Men: Red #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Cover Artist: Matt Wilson, Russell Dauterman
Partial Summary: "THE BROKEN LAND. WHO CAN SAVE THE RED PLANET? The mutants of Arakko spent millennia scarred by war—but on what was once called Mars, they’re learning to live in peace. STORM knows the red planet needs something greater than a queen. But ABIGAIL BRAND has other plans, along with an unstable VULCAN on her side and CABLE keeping his own secrets. Welcome to X-MEN RED. It’s a new world…and someone has to fight for it."
On Sale:  APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $4.99

4. The Joneses #1

Publisher: Artists Writers & Artisans Inc
Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Alessandro Vitti
Cover Artist: Mike Deodato
Partial Summary: "Spinning out of the pages of The Resistance, The Joneses focuses on a suburban family with a big secret: In the global pandemic known as the Great Death, mother, father, sister and brother were all transformed into something superhuman. While the world embraces fascism born of fear, the Joneses realize they face grave consequences if they are exposed as Reborns. Do they keep a low profile and hide in plain sight... or use their powers for good and risk exposure?"
On Sale:  APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $3.99

5. Devil's Reign #6

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Marco Checchetto
Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz
Partial Summary: "CONCLUSION - Wilson Fisk’s hubris as mayor of New York has cast the city in the waiting arms of a cadre of dangerous and deadly super villains! Worse still, Fisk’s vendetta against the heroes who have stood against him for so long has left the city defenseless. You may think you’ve heard a tale like this before, but there will be no last minute bargains struck between Fisk and the heroes, no truce to stop the fighting and no mutual parting of the ways. Just blood, sweat and tears! Trust us, True Believer, you have NO IDEA what’s coming—or the effect it will have on the Marvel Universe!"
On Sale: APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $5.99

6. Buckhead #5

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Shobo Coker
Artist: George Kambadais
Cover Artist: George Kambadais
Partial Summary: "Toba and his friends have split up. He's entered the Elseverse in search of his father, while the rest of the group works to take down the mind-control device threatening all of Buckhead. But that's not all they'll have to contend with... as an ancient power once thought defeated is freed from the Elseverse, spelling almost certain doom for them all! Experience the epic conclusion to this incredible adventure as the mystery of the Eben sword is finally revealed."
On Sale:  APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $3.99

7. Fantastic Four #42

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Rachael Stott
Cover Artist: Cafu
Partial Summary: "PROTOCOL ZERO - One of the most pivotal planets in the Marvel Universe faces imminent destruction. Jennifer Walters, the Sensational SHE-HULK, finally learns her part in this chaos. And in the middle of all of this carnage, two lifelong friends will have a battle to the death—prepare yourself for THE THING versus MISTER FANTASTIC!"
On Sale:  APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $3.99

8. Moon Knight #10

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Jed MacKay
Artist: Alessandro Cappuccio
Cover Artist: Cory Petit, Cory Smith
Partial Summary: "An assassin infiltrates the Midnight Mission, while another hidden enemy strikes at Moon Knight where he is most vulnerable. Attacked on two fronts, the Fist of Khonshu is put on the back foot-but that's where he's most dangerous!"
On Sale: APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $3.99

9. New Masters #3

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Shobo Coker
Artist: Francesco Segala
Cover Artist: Francesco Segala, Shof Coker
Partial Summary: "Hired by the oligarch Gideon Ojumah, the outcasts stage a heist to steal a powerful alien artifact from the Jovian embassy. Needless to say, things don’t go according to plan when they crash the glitzy wedding of a Jovian Princess and an Eko Prince."
On Sale:  APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $3.99

10. Spider-Punk #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Cody Ziglar
Artist: Justin Mason
Cover Artist: Olivier Coipel, Alejandro S├ínchez
Partial Summary: "ANARCHY IN THE SPIDER-VERSE! SPIDER-PUNK GETS HIS OWN SERIES! HOBIE BROWN is THE ANARCHIC SPIDER-PUNK — set to protect EARTH-138 with his ax in hand and his chaotic band of punk rockin’ heroes backing him! NORMAN OSBORN is dead, but will the chaos he’s created be too much for Spider-Punk and gang to handle? Feel the vibes as CODY ZIGLAR (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and JUSTIN MASON bring you the jams when 'BANNED IN DC' begins here!"
On Sale:  APR 6TH, 2022
Price: $3.99

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