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Top 10 Awe-inspiring Comics This Week - #13

Read on for the top 10 comics featuring ethnic characters or talent this week. The Conorovirus Pandemic has a lot of people isolated. So, if you can't go to the comic shop, here's a list of the best comics out this week and most of them are available digitally. Find out the best comics in this week's new comic pull list.

1. Action Comics #1021

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Klaus Janson, John Romita Jr.
Cover Artist: Klaus Janson, John Romita Jr.
Partial Summary: "Metropolis down! The blockbuster supervillain team-up of the century continues. Leviathan! The invisible mafia! The Legion of Doom! All have descended on the city of Metropolis to challenge Superman at his most vulnerable... "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
Buy Action Comics 1021& on Comixology

2. The Amazing Spider-Man #42

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Ryan Ottley
Cover Artist: Ryan Ottley
Partial Summary: "• Well, knowing what Boomerang is doing sure didn’t help. • Spidey and Boomerang are in trouble in a VERY BIG WAY. "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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3. Batman / Superman #8

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Nick Derington
Cover Artist: Nick Derington
Partial Summary: "General Zod is on a mission to resurrect the Bottle City of Kandor, and he’s ready to obliterate anyone in his path!  Deep within the ruins of an ancient temple, Ra’s al Ghul’s bid to save his Lazarus... "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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4. Black Panther #22

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Artist: Daniel Acuna
Cover Artist: Daniel Acuna
Partial Summary: "THE INTERGALACTIC EMPIRE OF WAKANDA - 'WAKANDA UNBOUND' part 4 THE GOD KILLER AWAKES! N'Jadaka's vast army nears Wakanda Prime on Earth - and now even the gods are despair of their chances against him.... "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
Buy Black Panther 22& on Comixology

5. Detective Comics #1021

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy
Cover Artist: Andrew Hennessy
Partial Summary: "'Ugly Heart' part two! Two-Face has returned, and his Church of the Two has grown into one of the most dangerous and destructive cults Gotham City has ever seen. So why is the only person trying to kill Two-Face... "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
Buy Detective Comics 1021& on Comixology

6. Falcon & Winter Soldier #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Derek Landy
Artist: Federico Vincentini
Cover Artist: Dan Mora
Partial Summary: "• Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are on a mission: to identify and stop the next leader of Hydra. To do so, they’ve got to make their way from one end of a high-speed train to the other…and every carriage... "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
Buy Falcon & Winter Soldier 2& on Comixology

7. The Immortal Hulk #33

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Joe Bennett
Cover Artist: Alex Ross
Partial Summary: "Celebrating 750 issues of the Incredible H%lkTM!  Something is wrong.  Something has compromised the simulacrum.  Extra-Size Hulk-Sm&shing ActionTM!  Banner is refusing to yield.  Something is... "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $5.99
Buy The Immortal Hulk 33& on Comixology

8. Omni #6

Publisher: Humanoids
Writer: Melody Cooper
Artist: Giovanni Valetta
Cover Artist: John Cassaday
Partial Summary: "Cecelia takes on the US Army! Cecelia and Mae have found the Ignited water worker dealing with contaminated waters in Nevada. But so has the US army, led by a Pentagon official who seems to know more about Cecelia and OMNI... "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
Buy Omni 6& on Midtown Comics

9. X-Men #9

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Leinil Francis Yu
Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu, Sunny Gho
Partial Summary: "THE KING EGG GET READY TO RUN! The New Mutants are back from space, and they've bought intergalactic trouble with them! The Brood! The Shi'ar! The Starjammers! The Imperial Guard! "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
Buy X-Men 9& on Comixology

10. X-Men / Fantastic Four #3

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Terry Dodson
Cover Artist: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Partial Summary: "TO THE VICTOR A nation of mutants’ lives is at stake while FRANKLIN RICHARDS makes a momentous decision! Will the FANTASTIC FOUR and X-MEN just stand by and allow it to happen? "
On Sale:   Mar 25th, 2020
Price: $3.99
Buy X-Men / Fantastic Four 3& on Comixology

What comics are you buying this week? Let us know in the comments below!
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