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For the First Time The New Batmobile and Batsuit Has Been Revealed

The director of The Batman Matt Reeves revealed some new photos of Batman's suit and car. From his personal Twitter account, he shared the first official photos of the suit and vehicle. The Batmobile first appeared in 1939 but Matt Revves is giving the new ride an upgrade. Reeve's said he wants a more grounded and gritty take on the caped crusader and it looks like he's achieved it. The Batsuit and Batmobile both look very DIY and handmade.

The director shared three dark and shadowy photos but you can make out several key details.

1. Muscle Car

First, unlike the stylized car of the previous films, it looks like a suped-up muscle car. The engine is massive and mounted in the rear, unlike most front-mounted engines we see today. One advantage is a rear-mounted engine

I lightened up the pictures to show more detail.

One of the most iconic superhero vehicles in comic book history is the Batmobile. It's taken on many shapes and colors over the years. Believe it or not when it first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (1939) it was just a boring red car. It was just Batman's car and didn't look special. It wasn't until 1948 that the car was nicknamed "The Batmobile".

2. Rear Engine

While the rear-engine design looks cool there are several pros and cons to the design. A rear-engine design places the engine at the rear of the car. This moves the center of gravity of the engine to behind the rear axle. Unfortunately, if it's not weighted right it can force the car into an unplanned wheelie.

Most carmakers today prefer the front-mounted engine but it is available in high-end expensive cars like the Porsche 911.

3. Eight Cylinders

While the engine is a monster and obviously has a lot of horsepower it's only an 8-cylinder. I say "only" because some engines are bigger than that. Chrysler has an 8.4-liter V10 engine with eight cylinders. But make no mistake this baby is fast. 

4. Batwings

Batmobiles have had a variety of styles most feature Batman's iconic batwings. It's hard to see from the front or back but from the top, you can see the subtle impression of batwings in the back.

5. New Suit

With the focus on the suit, it's easy to forget this is the first official look at the new Batsuit.I also zoomed in for a closeup of the new suit.

Previous unauthorized photos from a location shoot in Scotland showed other angles to the suit. In those shots, a stuntperson in Batman's suit was shown from different angles. It's more like armor than the cloth one Ben Affleck worn in the Snyder films. It's also rumored to be colored blue and grey.

Pretty exciting stuff and this new movie looks better and better. Now if only they could make a new Superman movie...

What do you think of Matt Reeves Batsuit and Batmobile designs? Let us know in the comments below!

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