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Top 10 Beautiful Comics This Week - #8

Omni #5 cover by Dave Johnson
Read on for the top 10 comics featuring ethnic characters or talent this week. Which superhero is having a baby? Which Superman villain returns? Who is Dryad? Plus, some amazing covers this week by artists like Alex Ross and Dave Johnson.

Find out in this week's new comic pull list.

1. Aquaman #57

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques
Cover Artist: Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques
Partial Summary: "In this issue, Mera and Aquaman welcome their very own Aquababy! In the wake of Black Manta’s attack on Amnesty Bay, Aquaman encounters a new crisis when Mera unexpectedly goes into labor…and things don’t... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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2. Batman #89

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Guillem March
Cover Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Partial Summary: "Batman must stop Deathstroke from killing the mayor of Gotham City!  But to do so he has to figure out who ordered the hit in the first place.  If his four main suspects aren’t ’fessing up to the crime,... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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3. Captain America #19

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Artist: Jason Masters, Lucas Gomes Werneck, Robert Quinn
Cover Artist: Alex Ross
Partial Summary: "THE LEGEND OF STEVE Concludes!  Cap comes face-to-face with the Dryad and learns her game-changing true identity! "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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4. Captain Marvel #15

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Lee Garbett
Cover Artist: Mark Brooks
Partial Summary: "'THE LAST AVENGER' PART 4: DESPERATE MEASURES Captain Marvel had 24 hours to kill five Avengers - and she's dangerously close to failing. Carol's plan was always flawed, but as she nears the endgame, those... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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5. Fantastic Four #19

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Sean Izaakse
Cover Artist: Nick Bradshaw
Partial Summary: "'Point of Origin' Conclusion! The secret behind 'Point of Origin', one of the greatest mysteries of the Fantastic Four, is finally revealed. And now that he has the answer to the only problem he could... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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6. Firefly #14

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Lalit Kumar Sharma
Cover Artist: Marc Aspinall
Partial Summary: "Mal matches wits a serial killer! The newly minted Sheriff Mal (don't call him that, though) and Boss Moon are given their first big case as local law enforcement-to hunt and arrest a serial killer haunting their new... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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7. Justice League #41

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Matt Ryan, Aaron Lopresti
Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch
Partial Summary: "Invasion of the Supermen! Eradicator and his strike team sweep across Earth with devastating consequences. The Justice League finds itself battered and overwhelmed by an enemy more powerful than even Superman. Batman and... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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8. Omni #5

Publisher: Humanoids
Writer: Devin Grayson
Artist: Alitha Martinez
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson
Partial Summary: "Cecelia's life has taken a lot of unexpected turns lately. She's now heading OMNI Corp, a giant world class organization dedicated to helping ignited people. She has now formed a team to help her in her task. A group... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
Buy Omni 5& on Comixology

9. Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #8

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Steve Lieber
Cover Artist: Steve Lieber
Partial Summary: "Ooh ooh, aah, aah—Jimmy see, Jimmy do! Jix and Jimmy go back to Gorilla City, where they had a one-night marriage-stand. (Don’t believe it? Go reread Superman: Leviathan Rising #1!) Jimmy’s sister Janie... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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10. Teen Titans #39

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Adam Glass, Robbie Thompson
Artist: Marcelo Maiolo
Cover Artist: Marcelo Maiolo
Partial Summary: "DJINN WARS, PART ONE: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT Trapped in her ring with no escape, Djinn finds herself on the inside looking out as the Teen Titans go hunting for Djinn’s older brother Elias, the only one capable of... "
On Sale:   Feb 19th, 2020
Price: $3.99
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What comics are you buying this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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