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ICYMI #42 - Superman TV Character Breakdown, Birds of Prey Title and More

Here are the biggest stories for Tuesday, February 11, 2020. Why did Birds of Prey change it's title? Who did Thor scare out of the MCU? What will The Batman be like?

We can't always cover everything. So here's everything you missed this morning. In Case You Missed It (ICYMI). Warning: May contain spoilers!

1. Taika Waititi Adds ‘Sweet/Vicious’ Creator to ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Writing Staff | Collider

2. Too Late? Birds Of Prey Is Changing Its Title After Disappointing Opening | Cinemablend

The movie title is Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) which is 67 letters long and has the star character at the end of the title. Now, while the movie title hasn't changed, the studio has updated the title for display\search purposes to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. Hopefully, it helps.

3. John Krasinski Jokes Chris Hemsworth Scared Him From Captain America | Screenrant

4. Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran Had More Lines For The Oscars Than The Rise Of Skywalker, And Fans Are Losing It | Cinemablend

5. Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ Will Be “Raw” and “Not Sanitized,” Says Peter Sarsgaard | /Film

“It’s so raw in that way,” the actor said, comparing the tone of The Batman to the Pixies’ music style. “That’s what I feel like about this. It is not sanitized. It’s got a raw power to it, a raw emotionality.”

6. Here's who will be joining the iconic couple in the CW's latest DC Comics adaptation [Superman & Lois] | Primetimer

As the series opens, LOIS LANE is still working at the Daily Planet, but CLARK KENT has just been fired following a massive layoff plan at the journal. His father JONATHAN KENT is no longer with them, while his mother MARTHA KENT is living alone on the farm where he grew up in Smallville. They have twins, JONATHAN and JORDAN KENT, who are thirteen and very different -- both physically and otherwise. Jonathan is the popular one, an all-star athlete who's about to enter the Varsity team, while Jordan is more introverted, anxiety prone, and very much into computers and video games. They don't know who their father really is... yet. And they may or may not have inherited his powers.
Lois's father GENERAL SAMUEL LANE is in the picture and knows about Clark. LANA LANG is also a big part of the show. She's a banker, still living in Smallville, with her husband KYLE CUSHING, a firefighter, and their daughters, SARAH, who's fourteen, and younger SOPHIE who's eight. They are in a dark place: Kyle is a drunk and Sarah tried to take her own life a year ago.
And yes, Superman has an enemy in this version of the story, who appears as THE STRANGER in the pilot. His true identity is revealed at the end of the episode...

7. Star Wars: Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson Praises The Rise of Skywalker | Screenrant

8. Donald and Mickey are Anakin and Obi-Wan in hilarious TikTok video | Jo Blo

9. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Roundup – Chabon Addresses Fan Questions, Soundtrack Available Now, And More | Trek Movie

10. THE FLASH Episode Photos From "A Girl Named Sue" Reveal Ralph Dibny's First Meeting With His Future Wife | Comic Book Movie

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